Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wombat turns 4

The morning of the birthday....
Me: What day is it today Wombat?
Wombat: Tuesday!!
Me: Well, no....but what day is it today.....?
Wombat: Friday!!

He's a smart one.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dinner talk

Whilst sitting round at the dinner table the other night the conversation went thus:
Monk: Mum, have you ever broke any of your bones?
Me: No. NEVER.
Bear: What about your legs?

Exchanged looks with Monk. Copious hearty chuckling.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

When I am a growed up ; )

Earlier today....
Me: Wombat, what are you going to be when you grow up and you're a big boy like your Daddy?
Wombat: A man.

Wombat is 3yrs old.

The End.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A miracle on the way home from school...

Driving home from school Monk turned to me and said:
"Mum - what year were you born?"
Me - "76."
Monk - "18 or 19?"

And there's your miracle! Approx. 3 hrs later and the boy is STILL alive.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Easy Peasy Baked "Tortilla" chips

Just in case the pictures don't suffice.
1. Pre-heat oven to 180 Celsius.
2. Buy a pkt of Roti* - 6 to a pkt. And yes I know that they are not technically tortillas but they're pretty much the same thing and they're the best that I've used thus far (I've tried at least two other brands and types of tortillas)
3. Put your Roti on a large plate. Rub each Roti with oil - front and back. Stack the Roti and cut into 8ths.
4. Arrange Roti chips on a tray (no need for greasing the tray as they're already oiled!). Try not to let them overlap - you will no doubt have to do at least two (depending on the size of your tray) or more tray-fuls.
5. Bake for 6 mins - no turning, nothing. If they are not quite golden try for a minute or so longer till they reach a desired colour - but be careful because they can burn very quickly and very easily!
6. Remove your chips from the tray and load it up with another batch for baking - repeat as necessary till all your chips are baked.

THAT easy!

You can add seasonings as you wish but we always just prefer to have them plain. And THAT is pretty much my fav most convenient snack food - yum, arguably healthy, not to mention super quick and dead easy to make.

Also great to make up on short notice say if you have a pkt or two lying around in your freezer for unexpected guests/occasions - handy!

*Just thought I should add that I am in NZ and thus necessarily have used NZ brands or at least brands and items that are available in NZ to make these chips - if you're outside of NZ you may or may not be able to get the same things - I would suggest experimenting with tortillas from a few different brands to see what works for you - in my opinion smaller (roti) tortillas are the best to use - and you still get heaps of chips! I tried using large Old El Paso ones but they stuck together and were flakey. I also tried using large Wholemeal Tortillas - these needed to be baked for longer and just didn't taste as nice. OR if you make your own - even better! That's what I need to learn to do :D

I do not think it means what you think it mondegreens..... ; )

I had asked Wombat to ask Daddy to brush his teeth (it is one of the things that I have drilled into - or at least tried to drill into my boys and Wombat is now convinced that he is incapable of retiring to bed without first having his teeth brushed).
Chris was grumpy because he wanted the boys to hurry up and go to bed.

Wombat attempted to cower behind my legs as he said "Daddy is very angry and I am scared! I want you to come and brush my teeth!"
I walked through to the bathroom with Wombat and said, "Daddy is not angry - SEE, he is not angry. He is just tricking! He is a tricker!"
Wombat promptly attempted to mimic me and pointing at his Daddy exclaimed with gusto -
"You are a CHICKEN!!"

Especially for my mondegreen luvin' friend : )

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Initially I when this seedling sprouted I optimistically jumped to the conclusion that it was corn. In fact I couldn't remember WHAT I had planted but as it progressed I was certain it wasn't corn - or at least, I was uncertain that it was corn. As it grew some more I could see that there were in fact TWO seedlings. Were they peas? Had I planted one and then foolishly forgetting I had already planted something in the pottle then planted another? As it turned out the seedlings were peas - they were just taking their time.


Two plants = one seed. Twins. Futago. Twofer. Especially for you Ange.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Funnies at Church

I went looking for our youngest and walked back into the chapel proper just in time to hear an amusing story being told about Sally and Jonny - Sally and Jonny were siblings it seems who were visiting their grandparents. Sally just so happened to witness Jonny accidentally killing one of their grandparents' ducks. The boy was petrified and thinking the accident had gone unwitnessed hid the duck in the woodpile. For several weeks Sally held the dead duck over him - "volunteering" Jonny for her share of the chores - each time with a fierce reminder whisper "Remember the duck!"
After 2-3 weeks of this Jonny couldn't take it any longer and caved, confessing to their grandmother and apologising. She confessed that she had also seen the event unfold, had already forgiven him and was just curious to see how long he would allow his sister to use him as a slave.

"There are a few lessons we can learn from this story," the Sister who was sharing the story said.

Me to Chris: Extortion is EFFECTIVE!
Chris to Me: DON'T marry Sally!

Only I don't think that's quite what she was going for.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bereft Pantry

So I had intended to do a top 5 or so cheap and easy snacks BUT I decided a while ago when we had those ginormous snow falls that perhaps cheap and easy meals with few ingredients or meals that could be easily and quickly made with items already in your pantry, kitchen cupboards and fridge might be appreciated - so, here goes (I know I put "bereft" pantry but I have a pretty well stocked "pantry" and I consequently presume that others do too so sorry if I over assume here!)

Tuna stirfry - or simply "tuna pasta" as we've come to call it - what you need:
2 cans of tuna in OIL (I think it is 125gms), Pasta (I like to use spirals - you can also use rice), onions - 1 or 2 depending on size and how much you like onions I guess, 2 large tomatoes, 2 eggs - and then the "givens" - a large pot, a medium sized pot, a can opener, salt, water, spatula/stirrer, paring knife, rubbish bag.
Method: Fill med. pot with water, add salt. Leave to come to the boil. Drain oil from tuna tins into large pot and turn on the heat. Chop onions while oil heats - add to pot and saute. Chop tomatoes and add when onions are soft, season with salt and leave to simmer, stirring occasionally. Add pasta to boiling water, tipping out any excess. Bring pasta to boil, turn down heat and set timer for 6 mins - stir occasionally. Take pasta off heat, stir, place lid on tightly and leave off element - the steam should cook any pasta that is not quite done yet. Drain. Add Tuna to onion and tomato mixture and simmer. When mixture has reduced a little add cooked pasta and stir well. Crack in two eggs and stir through.
The "original" version of this recipe used rice. I have found that the rice absorbs the oil more and that's not so great but still yum! Also pasta is quicker/easier to cook than rice.
You can have this all by itself - it's addictive! But it's nice to have something green/salad-y to break it up so steamed broccoli or salad or both. I also like to add sprouts to my tuna pasta when it's done or stir through torn spinach/silverbeet leaves.

Samosa filling - aka "Curried Beans"
One night I was making dinner from an Alison Holst recipe. I love samosas but making the pastry and frying them is TEDIOUS. So I thought why not just make and eat the FILLING - and then I'm not quite sure why but I added baked beans - surprisingly YUM!
You'll need: 3 or 4 potatoes - peeled, chopped into chunky pieces and cooked, oil, onions, ground coriander, cumin, garam masala and curry powder, sugar, salt, 1 cup frozen peas, lemon juice, water, 2 cans baked beans, cooked rice.
Method: Rinse your rice and get it cooking. Chop onions and saute in 1 Tbsp oil. Add all the spices and seasonings and potatoes - 1 tsp of ea except for Curry powder - 2 tsp Curry powder - recipe says you can sub in Curry powder for any of the spices you don't have. Add frozen peas, 1/4 cup water and lemon juice (supposed to be juice of one lemon - I just squirt some in generously). When peas are soft add baked beans and stir through - heat through. Serve on rice. I've also added chopped cooked carrots - to add colour! I know the baked beans sounds odd - but it's fine! REALLY. Oh and the beans and rice wrapped up in wholemeal tortillas - YUM!!

Simply dubbed "Bean soup" by us - Such a hearty mouth-watering soup! (by Simon and Alison Holst - 20min meal cook book)
You'll need: Can of 4 bean mix, Can of red kidney beans, can whole tomatoes, olive oil, onions, garlic, ham (optional), thyme, salt, pepper, bay leaves, chicken stock, water, macaroni, pesto.
Method: Heat 2 Tbsp Olive Oil in a pot, quarter and slice med. onion, chop garlic (chop and add ham if wanted - the original says Bacon but I always get ham - it's arguably cheaper and you can get a few slices at the Deli as opposed to an entire pkt - handy!) - add and saute. Add 2 bay leaves, 1/4 tsp thyme and chillies or 1/2 tsp dry chilli (I've never used chillies/chilli) and cook for 1 min longer. Add cans of beans and tomatoes, 4 cups of water and chicken stock powder (4 tsps), bring to boil add 1 cup macaroni - boil gently for 10-12mins. Season with salt and black pepper. I love this with basil pesto I've made myself. YUM. Of course it's also delish as is.

Refried Beans - another Alison Holst recipe. Can't get enough of it - done in mere minutes!
You'll need: Can Red Kidney Beans, Oil, Onion, Garlic, Green Capsicum, Salt, Sugar, Oregano, Cumin, Chilli powder, Tomato paste - I also often use dried Red Kidney Beans which I soak and cook myself. I use the "dried beans yield twice their volume cooked" method to determine how much beans to cook : ) - ask me about soaking and cooking times if you're keen to cook dried beans.
Method: Chop onion and garlic finely and saute in 1 Tbsp oil. Add chopped green capsicum, salt sugar and spices when onion is soft and clear - 1/2 tsp for everything except for cumin (1 tsp cumin). When capsicum softens drain beans (but keep juices in case mixture is too dry) and add them and also 1 Tbsp tomato paste. Make sure you use just plain unseasoned kidney beans - this is hot enough already! Heat mixture through and then mash. I like to eat this with baked tortilla chips, a teensy bit of grated cheese and plain easiyo yoghurt subs for sour cream. YUMMO.

Ham and Egg Pie - only it's more than just HAM and EGG.
You'll need: pre-rolled puff pastry sheets - prob 2, greased oblong shaped casserole dish, salt, water, potatoes and carrots peeled and chopped, 5 or 6 eggs, cheese, onions, ham, mushrooms -lil bit of milk for glaze.
Method: Pre-heat oven 150-200 C. Season water - get your potatoes and carrots cooking. Chop onions and ham - saute in a little butter/spread. Place one pastry sheet in bottom of greased dish - cut to shape. Place potatoes and carrots evenly on top of pastry sheet, sprinkle onion and ham over top, quarter mushrooms and scatter them over the onion and ham, beat eggs and pour over other ingredients, grate cheese over top. Place other pastry sheet on top of pie. Slice some vents in top, glaze with milk and Bake! The pie is done when the pastry is golden and the eggs are cooked!

You may have noticed that I have neglected to number these meals - this is because I can't decide which ones are quicker/easier or have the least ingredients. Try them and make your own judgement!

Next time - quick, easy and cheap meals with few ingredients but with recipes that presume you have meat : )

Monday, September 5, 2011

Hypothetical Doctor's visit

I have laryngitis.
BUT my throat is not sore - yay! I just have no voice - it is totally BEYOND Kathleen Turner or Carly Simons stage (showing my age!)

But I'm fine otherwise so I'm not planning on visiting the doctor. Why bother? I know what's wrong with me. I can't do anything about it. What can the doctor tell me that I don't already know? I'm not paying to be told what is CLEARLY obvious.

Here's how I imagine my hypothetical "conversation" (conversation is in " " because - hello - I have no voice!) going down with the Dr if I decided to throw away my money on a no brainer. (Go ahead and imagine me using a thickly sardonic tone or if not a tone - cos I have no voice - a thickly sardonic air about me)

Dr: You have Laryngitis.
Me: I figured that.
Dr: Your throat doesn't appear to be inflamed.
Dr: You should try not to speak.
Me: With my kids??
Dr: You really need to rest your voice.
Me: No kidding.
Dr: Here's your bill for me telling you what was already blindingly obvious.
Me: Thanks for nothing. I could've bought a bunch of Skor bars with that.

Okaaaay, so that last Dr's comment was TOTALLY imagined. No Dr says that sort of thing - ALOUD - RIGHT???

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Today's internal monologue...

Me: Self! AWESOME hair day Self!
Me: Why thank you.
Me: You're welcome.

Unfortunately, not so great on the fashion front. Because ironing frilled shirts suck!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

5 fav top cost-cutting tips

1. You know what I used to think was stupid? Pre-planning meals for the week. What do I do now, religiously even? Pre-plan meals for the week. Then I revise what I'll need to make those meals and that's what I buy or if I have what I need already but my "reserves" are getting low then I'll re-stock the ingredients I use. Apart from staple fresh fruit and vege (and non-edible necessities - ablutions and such) I don't buy much else. I save any left over money for fruit, vege and milk top-ups through out the week or I buy something garden related - seeds, compost, herbs, trees, pots OR I carry it over to the next week. Just decide NOT to buy non-necessities. Do you need it to survive? No? Then DON'T get it! Treat foods are not treat foods if you get them ALL. THE. TIME. I also put a decent amount weekly into Christmas Club.

2. Like your yoghurt but find it too costly? Buy a yoghurt maker - we have an Easiyo yoghurt maker. The neat thing about this is that you can pretty much use the yoghurt mixes indiscriminately regardless of brand - I have used hansells yoghurt mix before (at least I think it was hansells) so you can get yoghurt for even cheaper if the brand you usually use isn't on special! And it means you have a wider array of flavours at your disposal. Or you can just not care and get the same brand as your yoghurt maker like me. Although I think Hansells has a creamier plain yoghurt. Fav flavoured yoghurt at the mo is Easiyo Forest Fruits - flavourful and CREAMY!!! If you're worried about your children liking/not liking it all my boys (3, 7 and 9) love it.*

3. Plus side of making your own yoghurt - you can use plain yoghurt in place of SO many things like sour cream or instead of milk in your baking/cooking - although I'd advise against using it instead of milk in mashed potatoes - blechhh. May I say though that it makes Ange's microwave mug cake heavenly!

4. Stock up! Aside from the fact that my church encourages its members to store food and necessities for unforeseen emergencies (ie. natural disasters as well as financial ones!) I'm just a very practical person and as such I think it's pretty hard to deny the wisdom in stocking up on food items that you use a lot and that also store well. For instance - a few benefits that I find are:
*I can pretty much bake anything on a whim.
*If someone needs a meal or a pick-me-up treat I can whip something up at pretty short notice without too much stress.
*Thanks to our large chest freezer which I fill with bread (ok not entirely, but we have enough that if I can't get any for any reason we can survive a week or so without re-stocking) it means in the holidays when everyone's buying up all the sandwich slice loaves I'm sweet.
*We always have toasted sammy/toastie pie fillings.

5. Cheese is expensive! When you need to grate cheese for a dish cut off a chunk to grate and only use that - don't hold and grate the whole block. This way you'll only grate the chunk you cut off (well, theoretically anyway). Also choose the side with the smaller/smallest holes to grate your cheese - it'll give you more cheese volume for less. Try and take notice of how big a chunk you cut off so you know how much you need for next time - if you cut too much off then cut a smaller chunk next time. When making toastie pies - slice cheese as thinly as possible - less mess when making and to clean up after and also thick bits of melted cheese are just ick - it's not just me, right? You seriously don't need to use THAT much cheese. When you make cheesy dishes like lasagne and it requires cheese layers as well as cheese on top - really skimp on the cheese on the top. Cheese on the top should be more like a garnish - and a stingy garnish at that. Besides - it's not like it's going to be lacking in cheese is it?

*Of course they also love apples, carrots, gherkins......

Sunday, August 7, 2011

O be wise...

Bear was playing Chess on the laptop against the computer when he exclaimed in complete surprise:
"He didn't take my pawn!"
(he of course, meaning the computer)
Me:"Who didn't?"
Bear: "The computer. He could've taken my pawn BUT he didn't!" (apparently incredulous)
Me: "Well, just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should. Just because you can do something, doesn't mean it's always wise to. For instance, just because we can eat something, doesn't mean that it is wise to do so. Poison can be eaten. We can eat poison - but then it will kill us! Should we eat poison just because it can be eaten?"
Bear:"NO!" (emphatically)
Me: So just because we can do something, doesn't mean we should, see?"

Friday, July 22, 2011

Why Children should pick their toys up off the floor

Just about impaled my right palm on a Bey Blade this morning. Yeeeouchhhhh!! I AM SERIOUS. How ridiculous is THAT?!

After I stopped wailing and clutching my injured hand however I found I could still do my morning set of pushups. Yay!

My palm is still stinging intermittently when I least expect it. Yup, it's the holidays.

At least it's "takin' my mind off all that pain"* - toothache brought on by hot food and drink. It's Winter here btw - Bummer, eh?

*Ok, ok - it's a paraphrase - name that movie!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Insight into the mind of The Monk

The other morning Wombat was unwell. BUT diligent - that 3yr old gorgeousness ran with great desperation from his room, through the free-flow lounge, dining area, through the kitchen, right through to the bathroom where he shrieked for a bucket all so he could be sick in it! Gem.

Later as we cuddled in "the big bed" I asked him. "Did you spew in your bed?"
Wombat: No.
Me: You're AWESOME.
Wombat: Yes I am.

However a few minutes later he power chucked all over himself, me, our pillows and some of the bed requiring that I strip the bed and shower myself and the wombat-ty cherub.

After seeing to all this cleaning, wiping and soaking - all before school I might add - The Monk expressed some frustration about when we might be heading out to school to drop off him and Bear.
I responded "Wellllll, what do you still have to do to get ready?"
Ever the charmer Monk responded "Uh, I need to poo in my pants."
Me (without so much as an eye twitch) "Well, you better get pooing then - you wouldn't want to hold us up!"

And that was THAT.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sneak peek!

So here's a sneak peek at some of the new items I recently designed and made to enter into the Spotlight competition that closes at the end of this month - I think I have about 5 possible entries, and may squeeze some more in - it's the temptation to just keep designing and making things instead of finishing off the paper work etc for the entries I have completed that is the problem! Now just to photograph! Anyway here is a sneak peek at the main entry - it's knit AND crochet dress top - but I'm being coy and only letting all see a smidgeon!

Pssssst! I LOVE honeycomb cables! ; )

I've made 3 pairs of new knit cuffs all in different colours - I'm just a bit iraira (frustrated) about the fact that this new lattice stitch I just learnt to knit doesn't show up very well! Any tips? It's not really very defined/clear examining it in person either sadly - and I've made it in two very different colours : (

This is my attempt to try and give you a closer, clearer image of the knit lattice pattern. Yeah - not working is it? Sighhhhhhhhhh.

I also tried making one design that was just - let's face it - plain UGLY. So I canned it. 5/6 not too shabby though methinks.

Wish me luck and stay tuned to see what I finally decide to enter!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Status report

Several pairs of mini mitts made - check.

Yet to attach buttons to said mini mitts.

Ami Ana debuting said mini mitts at Moxie Market at the Perc this Friday!!

Pics to come.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Feeling frustrated...

Good pictures. Great pictures even.

Doesn't really show/show-off the hat and its detail.


Polite a fault.

Wombat: You have a BIG bottom.
Me: THANKS (ripe with sarcasm)
Wombat: You're welcome.

Good thing he's cute.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ami Ana's going MINI!!

So I've decided it's time for Ami Ana to go mini - that is to make some of Ami Ana's most popular items in mini or toddler/childrens size - are you excited?!?

Before you get too excited I should preface this by saying that they are I'm afraid all "girls" items - sorry! Girls are just easy and fun to make fashion and fashion accessories for. And I'm a girl. At least, Wombat frequently tells me that I am. Sorry.

Anyway...this leads to the reason why I am posting about this on this blog rather than on Anarashii - which I surmise is just what you're wondering about. I have a confession - I need your help! And I mean "your" as in I need your help my fellow kiwi bloggy friends : D (sorry to those outside of NZ!! - it's just it's costly to post outside of NZ when funds are low - but not to say that this could change). So - what do I need your help with? Sadly this proves to be not particularly helpful when it comes to designing items for female youngins ; ) - this is where you lovely friends come in! I'm seeking your assistance so that I can better gauge size and also to confirm that I'm getting my size "guesses" right - so help me out and that's right - you read right - you get FREE stuff!! One other thing, if you're ok with it, it would be extremely helpful if you could also snap some pix for me with your dear wee girls modelling what every Ami Ana freebie you're lucky enough to receive - I will not post pix without your approval and naturally I will not name names (unless you want me to) but I will post a link to your blog, your site - whatever you prefer. Interested? Leave me a comment and I'll get in touch with you - and make sure you have a contact email currently saved on your profile or I won't be able to contact you! : (

One more thing - I am well aware of how wool can aggravate sensitive skin and am constantly looking at or searching out soft synthetics or other cost effective natural yarns that pill less than others - have you found something that you think is great? Let me know! (unless it's feather yarn...uh, cos then I don't want to know) - with the exception of feather yarn, which I have an anaphylactic aversion to, I'm very keen to hear about other options : )

So without further ado here are a few of the items that I'm keen to make "minis" of - do you have Ami Ana favs you'd love to see mini versions of? What are they? Let me know! :D

Also possibly these....

What do you think?

Something new at Ami Ana...

Made these new cuffs the other night.

Still not sure about them - thoughts anyone?

Not the best, but I took some more pix - see below!

Maybe they'll grow on me....

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Angey Pangey's Cornbread and candid picture snapping attempts

Made Ange's Cornbread tonight as an accompaniment to soup. Perrrrrfect. Wombat LOVED it. Gobbled it up and had seconds. With honey even. What follows are some pictures I snapped of him - intended to be candid shots of him in the throes of enjoying the bread - alas. Well - the pictures tell it all really.

I think this is probably most accurately described as the "overkill" smile. Or perhaps the "My Mummy says I have to enjoy this bread so I'm enjoying it dammit!"

He's actually chewing it here - as opposed to pursing his lips for a kiss or speaking French that is.

This is about the most candid shot I got of him ALL night. Yup.

He may be built like a Wombat but he watched me like a Hawk he did. And ears like a bat! - listening for the sound of the camera being turned on!! I thought I had caught him with this one but no! - he was too fast for me and managed to somehow sneak in a smile even as he gobbled.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Descriptive dilemma

What do I go with here for these....? I mean technically it is A carrot - right? But what do I say - how do you like our carrot? OR how do you like our BUNCH of carrotS? OR How do you like our mutant carrot/s?

....or perhaps,... long stabby thing/s .......?

Er, Fionna?


This morning when I told Wombat "Mummy's feeling a little sick."
He immediately responded, "Do you want my bucket?"


Sunday, June 5, 2011

That expectant look...

We were at Monk's soccer game Saturday morning and I was watching (and helping) Wombat and his friend clamber up and down a tree at the edge of the field. Wombat very quickly got the hang of climbing up and down on the lowest branch, yet soon the inevitable happened and slipping (from climbing down?), he fell the short distance to the ground landing on his back in the grass.

I scooped the crying Wombat up in my arms and attempted to ascertain where the injury(ies) were so that I could - in the regular motherly fashion - kiss them better. I thought that perhaps he had hit his head. But no.

It was soon immediately obvious what his main concern was - he stuck out his tongue, still crying, to reveal 2 or 3 little blood dots along one side and tearily said that he had bit his tongue (or at least that's what I think he said)
Then transfixing me with an expectant look, he continued to look at me steadily, with his tongue still protruding....waiting...

Yeaaaaah, NAH.


I gave him a hug. And a pat. You'll get over it son.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Relatively speaking....

Tuesday afternoon Monk was scheduled for a Dental appointment. He was not keen. I had to think up some highly improbable yet reassuring scenario to get him out of the car.
Monk: I don't want to go. The Dentist hurts.
Me: It'll probably be FINE. The Dentist or Dental Nurse will probably say that your teeth are so perfectly and pristinely well kept (silent, inward scoffing) that she only needs to give them a quick polish - if that. So just get out of the car, and let's go. It'll be ok.

Dental Nurse/Technician(?) : So Master M*, it appears that fillings from two of your teeth have fallen out and those teeth have become abscessed. (With a look in my direction) ...So unfortunately it seems like the only way to help those teeth is to have them....*pause* (and then she said the next word very carefully, with some degree of trepidation even) ...EX-TRACT-ED.
(All eyes on Monk to catch his reaction) : Phew!!! I thought I was going to have to have another filling!!!!

The Dental Nurse/Technician and I exchange knowing looks.

*Master M as opposed to Monk to show that the Dental Technician calls him by his actual name - pedantic, I know.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lightbulb moment

Bear: Mum, which is your towel and which is the bath mat?

Me: Well, that explains A LOT.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BEAR-ly relevant

Bear has had a dead wiggly tooth for some time now - top centre front - one of the "biguns". We have tried various things to get it out - even suggesting he get a paper towel and try to pull it out himself - which he did try a couple of times with fierce determination! It's been pretty stubborn.

Anyway, last night whilst we were out (Fuzz and I that is) at a farewell party for a friend Monk texted Fuzz to let us know that Bear's tooth had finally fallen out - huzzah!!

So this morning I call Bear over and attempted to find out how his tooth had come out in the end, stubborn as it was....
Me: So Bear, how did your tooth fall out last night?
Bear: Mum....Monk was watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix last night! (said as if it was particularly significant)
Meanwhile, I am left puzzling over the relevance of this statement which is apparently part of the same conversation that I initiated when I asked how his tooth fell out - no other further explanation however.
After, uttering an internal Huh to myself I say:
Me: So uh, your tooth was SO frightened from watching this (ie. the movie), that that made it fall out....?!!
snort from Fuzz (also in the room).

I look up.
Bear is gone.

Apparently he felt his response was more than sufficient.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

"I do not think it means what you think it means....."

Perhaps my first mistake was thinking that my young child actually appreciated something I had done for him - I mean who wouldn't appreciate hot porridge with brown sugar and sprinkled liberally with cinnamon and a dash of milk? RIGHT??

But yes, perhaps I was jumping the gun - perhaps, when I asked wombat - "Did you enjoy your porridge?"
and he answered rather enthusiastically "YES!" - that should have sent up a red flag.

A red flag for what? you ask......a red flag that:

"I've finished my porridge, Mummy!" actually meant "I've finished.....smearing my porridge all over the table, chair and floor!"


Sunday, May 15, 2011

What crafty people do when they're bored...

....casually knit up a wallet/cover/snuggie (whatever you wanna call it - I prefer wallet - sounds sleaker - or at least as sleak-sounding as a knit accessory can be) for my newly gifted smart phone whilst watching Bones and Fringe...

And sew on a button securely (apparently the way I was taught to sew on buttons is the way professional tailors sew buttons).

Kinda sad really - isn't it?

In fact my only real redeeming factor in all this is a minute instance of lazy indulgence by way of not knitting a button hole - that's right - there are no button holes or at least I didn't need to purposely knit any into the pattern as the twists in cable knits naturally create holes in the knitted fabric.

And then the next morning I was fishing around in my bag and found a cream egg - score! Yes albeit it was wrapped in a hankie (used? unused? who knows...) and the wrapper was missing in parts..... and it was a bit sticky....probably belonged to one of the boys....who may or may not have started eating it (ie. read as "drooled on" - hence the stickiness?) but we're focusing on the positive here - hence - cream egg - wooooo! SCORE!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The type of Mother I am

I like to think that I am a fairly particular type of Mother. I am a "no-sugar coating" Mother. I tell it like it is.

For instance, one night Monk (the oldest) came to me and in an attempt to delay going to bed he announced, holding his finger aloft, that he could not go to bed because something was wrong with his finger. He then proceeded to elaborate on this a little by repeating several times rather earnestly that something (he wasn't quite sure what) was wrong with his finger. He then, insisting something was wrong with it, proffered it to me asking if I could see just exactly what was wrong with it. I peered at said proffered finger and responded "Yes. It's not in bed."

Of course, might argue that this is a fairly accurate description for the attitude with which I approach life in general - not just mothering.

For instance, when my Dad just last night objected to a current movie premise as it was explained in a review - that of the movie Source Code - that is that a soldier is sent back in time to retrieve info, but there's a catch - he only has 8mins each time he travels to gather intel. On hearing this my Father cried aloud "Oh! That's just UNREALISTIC!!"*
Inwardly I responded, "Uh what? As er, opposed to say.....time travel.....?!?"

We LOVED the movie. Next step up from Minority Report and PayCheque I thought. Can't believe the tv3 reviewer gave it ONLY 3.5 out of 5 stars!!! LUDICROUS.

*Dad thought the concept of someone only having 8mins to gather info was unrealistic. REALLLLLLLY Dad??? You're gonna pick holes in a scifi plot based on what is feasible....??