Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Status report

Several pairs of mini mitts made - check.

Yet to attach buttons to said mini mitts.

Ami Ana debuting said mini mitts at Moxie Market at the Perc this Friday!!

Pics to come.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Feeling frustrated...

Good pictures. Great pictures even.

Doesn't really show/show-off the hat and its detail.


Polite a fault.

Wombat: You have a BIG bottom.
Me: THANKS (ripe with sarcasm)
Wombat: You're welcome.

Good thing he's cute.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ami Ana's going MINI!!

So I've decided it's time for Ami Ana to go mini - that is to make some of Ami Ana's most popular items in mini or toddler/childrens size - are you excited?!?

Before you get too excited I should preface this by saying that they are I'm afraid all "girls" items - sorry! Girls are just easy and fun to make fashion and fashion accessories for. And I'm a girl. At least, Wombat frequently tells me that I am. Sorry.

Anyway...this leads to the reason why I am posting about this on this blog rather than on Anarashii - which I surmise is just what you're wondering about. I have a confession - I need your help! And I mean "your" as in I need your help my fellow kiwi bloggy friends : D (sorry to those outside of NZ!! - it's just it's costly to post outside of NZ when funds are low - but not to say that this could change). So - what do I need your help with? Sadly this proves to be not particularly helpful when it comes to designing items for female youngins ; ) - this is where you lovely friends come in! I'm seeking your assistance so that I can better gauge size and also to confirm that I'm getting my size "guesses" right - so help me out and that's right - you read right - you get FREE stuff!! One other thing, if you're ok with it, it would be extremely helpful if you could also snap some pix for me with your dear wee girls modelling what every Ami Ana freebie you're lucky enough to receive - I will not post pix without your approval and naturally I will not name names (unless you want me to) but I will post a link to your blog, your site - whatever you prefer. Interested? Leave me a comment and I'll get in touch with you - and make sure you have a contact email currently saved on your profile or I won't be able to contact you! : (

One more thing - I am well aware of how wool can aggravate sensitive skin and am constantly looking at or searching out soft synthetics or other cost effective natural yarns that pill less than others - have you found something that you think is great? Let me know! (unless it's feather yarn...uh, cos then I don't want to know) - with the exception of feather yarn, which I have an anaphylactic aversion to, I'm very keen to hear about other options : )

So without further ado here are a few of the items that I'm keen to make "minis" of - do you have Ami Ana favs you'd love to see mini versions of? What are they? Let me know! :D

Also possibly these....

What do you think?

Something new at Ami Ana...

Made these new cuffs the other night.

Still not sure about them - thoughts anyone?

Not the best, but I took some more pix - see below!

Maybe they'll grow on me....

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Angey Pangey's Cornbread and candid picture snapping attempts

Made Ange's Cornbread tonight as an accompaniment to soup. Perrrrrfect. Wombat LOVED it. Gobbled it up and had seconds. With honey even. What follows are some pictures I snapped of him - intended to be candid shots of him in the throes of enjoying the bread - alas. Well - the pictures tell it all really.

I think this is probably most accurately described as the "overkill" smile. Or perhaps the "My Mummy says I have to enjoy this bread so I'm enjoying it dammit!"

He's actually chewing it here - as opposed to pursing his lips for a kiss or speaking French that is.

This is about the most candid shot I got of him ALL night. Yup.

He may be built like a Wombat but he watched me like a Hawk he did. And ears like a bat! - listening for the sound of the camera being turned on!! I thought I had caught him with this one but no! - he was too fast for me and managed to somehow sneak in a smile even as he gobbled.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Descriptive dilemma

What do I go with here for these....? I mean technically it is A carrot - right? But what do I say - how do you like our carrot? OR how do you like our BUNCH of carrotS? OR How do you like our mutant carrot/s?

....or perhaps,... long stabby thing/s .......?

Er, Fionna?


This morning when I told Wombat "Mummy's feeling a little sick."
He immediately responded, "Do you want my bucket?"


Sunday, June 5, 2011

That expectant look...

We were at Monk's soccer game Saturday morning and I was watching (and helping) Wombat and his friend clamber up and down a tree at the edge of the field. Wombat very quickly got the hang of climbing up and down on the lowest branch, yet soon the inevitable happened and slipping (from climbing down?), he fell the short distance to the ground landing on his back in the grass.

I scooped the crying Wombat up in my arms and attempted to ascertain where the injury(ies) were so that I could - in the regular motherly fashion - kiss them better. I thought that perhaps he had hit his head. But no.

It was soon immediately obvious what his main concern was - he stuck out his tongue, still crying, to reveal 2 or 3 little blood dots along one side and tearily said that he had bit his tongue (or at least that's what I think he said)
Then transfixing me with an expectant look, he continued to look at me steadily, with his tongue still protruding....waiting...

Yeaaaaah, NAH.


I gave him a hug. And a pat. You'll get over it son.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Relatively speaking....

Tuesday afternoon Monk was scheduled for a Dental appointment. He was not keen. I had to think up some highly improbable yet reassuring scenario to get him out of the car.
Monk: I don't want to go. The Dentist hurts.
Me: It'll probably be FINE. The Dentist or Dental Nurse will probably say that your teeth are so perfectly and pristinely well kept (silent, inward scoffing) that she only needs to give them a quick polish - if that. So just get out of the car, and let's go. It'll be ok.

Dental Nurse/Technician(?) : So Master M*, it appears that fillings from two of your teeth have fallen out and those teeth have become abscessed. (With a look in my direction) ...So unfortunately it seems like the only way to help those teeth is to have them....*pause* (and then she said the next word very carefully, with some degree of trepidation even) ...EX-TRACT-ED.
(All eyes on Monk to catch his reaction) : Phew!!! I thought I was going to have to have another filling!!!!

The Dental Nurse/Technician and I exchange knowing looks.

*Master M as opposed to Monk to show that the Dental Technician calls him by his actual name - pedantic, I know.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lightbulb moment

Bear: Mum, which is your towel and which is the bath mat?

Me: Well, that explains A LOT.