Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chimpun Kampun (All Greek to me...)

...At least that's what it says in the MTC little red vocab notebook - Chimpun Kampun = it's all Greek to me!

Today I suspect I witnessed a similar real life moment of "crossed wires".

An elderly-ish asian woman was making her way slowly through the Supermarket on crutches. A well meaning young man - who I came to realise probably didn't know her AT ALL - was shadowing her and trying to "help her out".

I suspected she was Japanese and so asked -moshikashitara, Nihonjin desu ka?
She confirmed in a vague, non-committal way that makes me wonder if she was in fact "confirming".

Regardless of this, I definitely got the feeling that she was probably wondering who the heck this supposedly "helpful" guy was who was following her all through the Supermarket and that he was actual more of a jama then a help.

Yep, she definitely had a strong repressed "IIIIIII no!" vibe/funiki about her.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kid's Logic

Jonsta asks if he can have an apple (after I remind that he has to ask and can't just take). Jonsta decides (barely seconds later) that he really doesn't want that apple any more. Solution: he throws the whole thing - uneaten - in the BIN! A WHOLE apple. WHO does that?!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

One hit wonder's progeny....

Another enlightening and amusing snippet of conversation between Fuzz and I...
Scene: A Miley Cyrus music video comes on....
Me: Ah, Miley Cyrus eh? (looking on with Motherly disapproval at her "do those shorts even cover her BUTT??" shorts) I purse my lips and say - just how old is this girl?!
(Me again) More famous than her Dad though.
Fuzz: Who's her Dad?
Me: (fixing Chris with an "isn't it OBVIOUS?!" type glare) Miley...CY-RUSSSS....? Oh, come on....
Fuzz: Really? Billy Ray Cyrus?
Me: YES. He stars on her tv show "Hannah Montana".
Fuzz: Huh. (with an "oh really?" tone)
Me: Yup. Billy Ray Cyrus - one hit wonder (I explain to Michael what one hit wonder means) - wouldn't that be a bit frustrating don't you think? You have this hugely popular song - just ONE song and then everyone forgets about you - but then your daughter - super famous - what's up with that?!
Fuzz: Oh well, Billy Ray Cyrus could NEVER wear those shorts.
Me: Point taken.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

MOvember, MOvember....

Last night Chris chatted with me about shaving off his beard and leaving a mo - for it is MOvember and that's what is done...more or less. He informed me that shaving it all off would take at least 15 mins, then he disappeared into the bathroom and reappeared some time later with a very unique "goatee". Whilst in the bathroom shaving or probably rather trimming and shaping said goatee, the following conversation had ensued:

Fuzz: It's MOvember - you're SUPPOSED to have a Mo
Me: Should I grow a Mo

Upon inspecting the "Mo" we both agreed that Chris looked like a cowboy and that he might in fact be in need of a ten gallon to finish off the look.
Still no response to the possibility of me having a Mo.

Then,..... this morning...
Sarukun's sick day from school turned into a continuation of the MOvember "debate".
And Lo...., here are the pictorial results!

Whoa! How's that for "overnight" growth?!

We also seem to have sprouted a troll doll

And a pajama-ed Pirate
Dubbed "Hair-vember" and "Eye-vember" by Sarukun - I don't think he quite gets the whole MOvember cause thing.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wool "Nutter" follow-up

Remember this???

correction to your description

Hi there, The hat is really adorable, and I just wanted to point out that 100% acrylic is not perfect for little babies skin. Acrylic is a synthetic fiber, like a plastic, and can irritate skin with eczema and other skin conditions. It may feel like wool, but it's not natural at all. Using 100% wool or other natural fibre is best, organic is even better. Much success with your business! (Women's Name)

Well! She's struck again! Here's a message I only JUST received from her today.

Hi Ana,

Thanks for your email and I'm sorry for the delay. I lost my login in details and several computer crashes later I'm back on board.

I had never heard that about acrylic before and being a devout wool person was shocked! Not long after I wrote you several friends' babies developed eczema and this wool irritation was confirmed.

So thanks for correcting me! Best of luck with your sales :)
(Woman's name omitted)

Well thank GOODNESS for that! What a relief that she cleared that up! Now I can rest assured that I'm not a total NUTTER after all.
Now I can go on with my life.....