Thursday, September 30, 2010

Payback's a .....Louse?

Yup. You read that right. First - some background on this. About a week ago our poor little wombat lost his hat. HIS hat. The hat that is practically (Chris and I concluded) "Essence" of Wombat :(

Here is a pic of our wee guy in HIS hat

Wombat and I were at the Super Market and he was being silly with said treasured hat - a Knitted Brown Wool cap with a crocheted peak made with love by none other than ME!!! - anyway, he was being silly with his hat and dangling it over the side of the trolley and then when we got to the counter to pay I realised he had dropped it somewhere along the way. We paid and then went back to look but to no avail. We also left our name and number at the Customer Service's desk in case some kind person should hand it in - alas, it seemed the Super Market was just plum out of kind persons that particular day wouldn't you know it.

Wombat was pretty gutted. He stopped me as we left the Super Market and insisted we had forgotten his hat and that we needed to go back for it. I informed him that it now belonged to someone else. That that's what happens when you're "silly" with your stuff. That he had lost it and that someone else had picked it up, thinking themselves lucky no doubt, and not handing it - some mean, nasty, conscience-less fiend had picked it up and kept it....yup. The next time we went to the Super Market the Wombat inquired after his hat AGAIN and I had to AGAIN inform him that he had lost it and some unscrupulous opportunist had discovered it and absconded with it. I secretly prayed that although someone else was now enjoying HIS hat, that REALLY, somewhere deep down inside they were being totally and completely consumed with GUILT.

Turns out I needn't have wasted the time dreaming up such a wish. Karma it seems is as automatic as NZ Post's Insurance inclusive prices for packages under a certain contents' value! How so? you ask. Well,....a few days ago I happened to discover that the Wombat has NITS. HEADLICE that is. His hair is RIDDLED with eggs!!! Also when we treated his hair and scalp with MOOV (fabulous stuff!!!) and rinsed it out in the shower, his head fairly "rained" dead lice - quite impressive really. So now,...I'm feeling rather calm and happy and totally not wishing an impossibly guilt ridden life on my baby's hat's stealer (does that make sense? Grammatically?). Nope. Rather I'm hoping this mystery person or their child is wearing it well.
Actually I can't seem to stop myself snickering evilly, gleefully even* (yes - both silent and right out loud) at the mere thought of the unexpected consequences of their dastardly actions - muaaahhhahahahahhaaaa.

Payback's a LOUSE.
*When I snicker gleefully over this in my head I imagine my laugh sounding not too dissimilar to Dash's laugh when he discovers he can run on water.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Na na na na naaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

Yesterday I told Chris/Fuzz:
"The Partridge family cut through our property today."
Fuzz: Whaaa..? What?
Me: That's my way of saying a BUS LOAD of people cut through our place today.

A BUS LOAD you say incredulously - why yes.

The neighbour. Her THREE children. Rebecca Robinson (other neighbour) from the "condemned house". And some tall, lanky, unindentified, school-uniformed, heavy-footed boy, galloping down our drive like a horse. All at once.

Oh no - don't mind ME, I just live here. Go right ahead *gritted teeth*

PS - the title is supposed to be some lame reference of mine to the Partridge Family.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Shark Attack Hat on Etsy by "ObeyMyBrain"

I thought this would be the perfect understated halloween outfit for a guy. Chris didn't think so. He said it was stupid.

I can just imagine wearing it and pretending it wasn't there to see if you could get a bite.
"What? A shark on my head? What on earth are you talking about??"

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lazy domesticity #2

At long last....Numero 2 in my mental list of easy peasy "from scratch" default (read lazy) meals - "Bisto Steak"

You will need:
A family pack of Chuck Steak (I've found Chuck steak to be consistently tender even more so than expensive so-called tender meats like Porterhouse and Rump Steak)
Bisto gravy mix ( I buy it by the box)
Potatoe peeler
Knife/knives ( I use a heavier larger knife for the root veges and a smaller, lighter paring knife for the softer veges like mushrooms/celery/zucchini)
Large oblong shaped dish

Preheat oven to 180 Celsius (approx. 350 F or adjust to suit with gas ovens).
Fill your dish with a little bit of water - less than a centimetre in depth (this will make a nice gravy when cooked as opposed to a watery broth).Chop onions and chuck them in. Cut Steak into palm sized medallions and arrange over the onions - no overlapping!

Sprinkle over one tablespoon of bisto powder. Peel and slice carrots (I cut mine on an angle) - scatter carrots and your choice of peas, sliced celery or zucchini (or all three! My family is not keen on celery or zucchini as options but either are nice - the zucchini especially!) Sprinkle over two more tablespoons of bisto powder.

Peel and cut potatotes and kumara - leave smallish potatoes whole, cut very large potatoes in half or even 3 pieces.

Wash and cut mushrooms in chunky pieces and scatter over top. Sprinkle 2 more tablespoons of bisto powder over top. Cover with tin foil and cook for an hour and half - even better if your dish has a lid use that!

When finished test potatoes and kumara - they should be perfect and meat nice and tender. Eat with salad or other cooked veges like broccoli. Delish!....and EASY!!
Chris often cooks this too and people are always impressed cos it looks like such hard work - muahahahhahaaaaa!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Post Scriptus...

(following on from previous post)
Fuzz: Just what kind of things can you do with these mind powers of yours?
Me: (with raised eyebrow and mysterious sultry look) Wouldn't YOU like to know.....?

What sarcasm...?

Me - YELLING - literally to get his attention - to "Bear" (the middle child): Did you have your puffas (inhaler) this morning?
B: N.O. NO.
Me: How about you have them right now then?
B: How about you get them down for me so I can have them then?
Me: (sitting at the table eating my lunch) Well hang on a minute and I'll use my mind powers to get them down from the cupboard for you (raise hand to touch the right temple and scrunch eyes with an intense focused facial expression)

(from the kitchen - Fuzz: You have mind powers?!?!?!!! (Yes and Nod from me) Whoa!!!)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

What I KNOW.....

Was at a surprise birthday party for a very good friend last night. The party had barely started when another friend's husband filled his cup a little too much and before you know - over flowing coke everywhere! What does the male do/say?
G: Love! Love! Love! Help, help, help! (followed by running away)
Friend M begins to mop up spilt drink with serviettes. G watches on and nods - us girls "descend" on G, mocking and disparaging him for running away from his own mess like a helpless git.
G turns to me - It's woman's work - you KNOW this.
Me: All I know is that you will be buying a rather large, exorbitant gift to make up for this (*wink* at M)
M smiles and nods in agreement.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Felt auction for Christchurch, NZ

I chatted briefly with Lucy from Felt tonight - consoling each other over the lost heritage of historic Christchurch buildings since the 7.1 strength earthquake (and continuing after shocks) on Saturday morning, the inevitably changed landscape of the CBD and the various inspiring and honourable initiatives that have been started in the earthquake's wake. Someone had asked Lucy if Felt would be doing anything to help with the effort - I commented that this could be problematic considering the varied crafts that were available from various stores on Felt - but then I had a light bulb moment! We could ask individual Felt stores to donate items for an auction - the proceeds of which to be donated to the clean-up and rebuilding of Christchurch - that could work!! is the plug - PLEASE if you own a Felt store, or know someone who does - please consider donating an item from your store or two or SEVERAL!! Let's do our part to help Christchurch back on her feet!

ALSO - we didn't get so far as to discuss where we would send all the donated items to or where and when the auction would be held so please feel free to suggest - I've also posted about this on the Felt Forum, on my facebook Ami Ana fan page and will also be posting on my other blog Anarashii. Please feel free to post about this yourself on your FB page, your blog, where ever and spread the word to other Felt-ers :D

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Before.......and After.....Aaaaaahhhhh!!

Good bye.....!

See ya!

Aaaaahhhh!! SO much better!

You're KIDDING???

Came home to ORANGE spew splattered all over the bottom of our driveway yesterday. Some of the kids informed us it was spew. It was disgusting. I turned to Chris and said:
"You're KIDDING?!? SPEW?? Who spews in someone's driveway???"
Chris - "It happens"
Me - "Not if you're NOT using someone else's driveway as your OWN private walkway it doesn't!"

This morning as I checked the letterbox after dropping the boys off at school I noticed that I couldn't open the letterbox because the metal loop that the lock fits through had been bent upwards at probably a roughly 135 degree angle from it's previous/normal position.

I guess I should be glad the spew was on the drive.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday.....FAIL!

This is actually from last week when I attempted to take a photo of myself. A decent photo. Which actually ended up being several photos. None of which were flattering. Except perhaps this one. Maybe. It also led to the realisation that the red top I was wearing was an EXTREMELY unflattering top...