Thursday, September 23, 2010

Na na na na naaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

Yesterday I told Chris/Fuzz:
"The Partridge family cut through our property today."
Fuzz: Whaaa..? What?
Me: That's my way of saying a BUS LOAD of people cut through our place today.

A BUS LOAD you say incredulously - why yes.

The neighbour. Her THREE children. Rebecca Robinson (other neighbour) from the "condemned house". And some tall, lanky, unindentified, school-uniformed, heavy-footed boy, galloping down our drive like a horse. All at once.

Oh no - don't mind ME, I just live here. Go right ahead *gritted teeth*

PS - the title is supposed to be some lame reference of mine to the Partridge Family.


Kelley said...

Are you saying all of these people passed by on your property and you weren't likin' it one bit? I'm sorry that you have such trespasssery neighbors! I know that's not a word...yet.

Ana said...

Kelley we live down what is known as a "leg-in" or a long drive - as such we are completely surrounded by neighbours - five of 'em. Two of these families at least regularly use our property as a "short cut" and that's pretty much how they see our property - as a "short cut", their own private walkway - not somebody's HOME. Our drive leads down a steep hill to our front yard (which our house faces out onto) and a large plum tree - behind the plum tree is a low picket fence that is broken with exposed nails (from people continually climbing over it no doubt) and then on the other side of this picket fence are 2 or 3 rental properties and a long driveway leading out to the street that runs parallel to ours. You can totally see right through to the other street. So those neighbours mentioned (and probably others) as well as complete random strangers march across our lawn with alarming regularity like they're talking their daily stroll through a park or probably more like a convenient alleyway to them - that would certainly explain the rubbish - paper, toys, sandwiches, large pieces of broken crockery even and just a couple of days ago I discovered a very large slab of polystyrene on our lawn underneath the plum tree.

I'm thinking maybe a pictorial explanatory blog post is in order.

But for now suffice it to say I pretty much ALWAYS lock the car and you really need to pull the curtains if you're changing clothes/getting dressed in our bedroom (our room has big sash windows that look straight out onto the porch and front lawn) because you just never know who might be strolling through....

As always thanks for stopping by! :D