Tuesday, June 29, 2010


With the advent of Eclipse fast approaching I feel "moved" to share one of my fav "How it should have ended" clips. For those friends of mine who know my feelings about all things Twilight this shouldn't be a surprise. It's a goodie - enjoy -

This seriously cracks me up :D

Monday, June 28, 2010

A moment of your time....

Care to suggest a caption?

I have one in mind...even considering emailing this pic to Tuffy themselves.

How much will they give me? (aside from world-wide fame for my little one that is....? er well, perhaps "world-wide" fame in ....NZ?)

Oh and which picture is BEST?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Some Personal MJ Favourites

As I was driving home from dropping the boys off at school I heard on the radio that today is the anniversary of Michael Jackson's death, in memory of him they began playing MJ hits back to back from 9am. OH YEAH. It was close - I almost didn't make it out of the car...!

So I thought, appropriate surely to share some of my own favs - will they surprise you?

Well, firstly is this funky little number that until today I never knew was a cover of a Stevie Wonder song.
Definitely a winner in my books.

Funnily enough I was watching Rush Hour on Wednesday night when they played a short clip of this song that I had actually forgotten about! Shame on me.

Some other sure favs include (all from his Music and Me album) Cinderella stay awhile, We've got forever and All the things you are as well as others naturally.

For instance I was just remarking to Chris how this is probably one of the coolest scenes in a movie EVER. And naturally Thriller is what makes it.

There are many others that I certainly don't have time to name (let alone link to!), however I think it fitting to end with this mish-mash of MJ hits. Fairly impressive.

What are your favourites? Annnnd most importantly can you do this....?

The High Road ; )

Maybe I should pray for my neighbours.


Okay,....only a little....

Much thanks goes to Pearl, for putting me onto this guy - Thanks Pearl!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Finished the new/replacement mittens for JJ - I messed up with one side of one of them. Also they don't look quite right somehow - the thumbs don't look right. Or something. Too small? Need to be longer? Or maybe just misplaced. Something to work on. Well here are the finished items. Will add a pick of them on the boy himself later.

One looks smaller than the other doesn't it. And no - I don't know why my text colour changes after I copy and paste a picture but it is VERY A.NNOY.IIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNG!!!

PESTO Pasta!!

I had a stab at making fresh basil and cashew pesto on Sunday night.

My thoughts? - one word only - YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM.

Then...I couldn't wait to cook up some hot pasta and stir some through - which I did - for lunch. The very next day.

And I shared some with the little guy. Success! He loved it too! Huzzah!

He also kept wanting to look at all the pictures I took of him enjoying his PESTO Pasta! Has a ring to it, doesn't it?

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Finally got round to finishing off some Mittens I was supposedly making for JJ aka "Donts" as the wee man likes to call him. Mittens that I was procrastinating even though they take barely any time to make on account of them being for a child. That's why I like making accessories like this for children - take no time at all! And the sense of accomplishment.....GRAND.

Anyway, first time makin' 'em. No pattern. Guessin' and makin' it up as I go....not too shabby.

Next time - work out the 'kinks'. Might make some for myself even - after all they seem to keep your 'mitts' rather toasty.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

...Did I startle you....?

Sorry! That rather loud, abrasive, slightly dorky, mocking laugh was in response to a request I saw from someone on Etsy for a knitted lace DRESS for $100.



Sunday, June 13, 2010

Clap clap

Awesome day today, quite enjoyed interpreting for Mimu at church - although I don't know what I actually enjoyed the most - the interpreting itself OR astounding everyone with what I still know ten PLUS years later (muahaha - evil, glorying laugh).

Although I did feel a bit pet seal-ish near the end when Izaac kept wanting me to translate:

Scene: Me chatting with Mimu in Nihongo. Enter Izaac.
Izaac (looking at and talking to me) : There's gonna be choir for about 30 minutes - is that ok? (then) TRANSLATE!!!
Me: Arf, arf.

I didn't actually say "Arf, arf".
You got me.

Friday, June 11, 2010

THAT ain't right!!!!!

Just got back home from the Monk's weekly Saturday morning soccer game - they won - but not without resistance! From the other team's coach! (who was reffing!)

What happened? Our team was about to TOTALLY get their second goal for the game when a boy from the other team - a boy who was on the sidelines, a boy who wasn't even playing - stepped in front of the goal and deflected the ball!!

What the?!??!!!

Then we (the parents) all start up -
"That was TOTALLY a goal!"
"GOAL Ref!"
" WHAA-AAAAAT?!?! He wasn't even playing?!?!!!"
"That TOTALLY would've gone in if not for the kid, who was subbed off!!!"

Ref verdict? NOT a goal!!!!

BUT he gave them a penalty shot. Which they pounded in there anyway - why not do the fair thing, why not just give them the goal and save yourself some time? I tell a lie! I got this mixed up with ANOTHER goal later in the game that should have been a goal but the ref, once again, reckoned wasn't - in the instance above the ref ruled it wasn't a goal. No penalty shot. NOTHING. (I'm sorry. Now I'm off to nomasu hari senbon).


There's only one phrase I can think of that perfectly describes my thoughts on this -

Chris Rock's "Presidential" catch phrase from "Head of State"

REALLY fitting here methinks. REALLY.

My boy (dark hair, red top) with his best mate (blonde, white sneaks, runnin' with the ball) at a tournament a few weeks back - which incidentally they won for their grade - wouldn't you know - this just happens to be the same team they played today! HA!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Quotes to live by.....

Just thought I'd share - mostly Disney ones - words to live by. really.

Life is like a straw it only sucks when you make it

"What made you decide to become a policeman-officer?" - Hot Fuzz

"I'm sorry Spleen, there's not enough beer in the WORLD" - The Bowler, Mystery Men

"But the animal is inside out....and it exploded" - Teb, Galaxy Quest

"Boy, I bet that must be frustrating" Dory, Finding Nemo

"I cannot heave me heart into my mouth" Cordelia, King Lear

"Brevity is the soul of wit" Polonius, Macbeth

"I like going to book stores and approaching the book clerk and saying - Hi, I'm looking for a book entitled 'How to deal with rejection without killing', can you help me?" - Some random, hilarious comedian I heard once

"Good feeling gone" - Dory, Finding Nemo

"Well that was INCREDIBLY eaaaaaasy" - from How "The Lord of the Rings" should have ended

"I'm not happy Bob. NOT happy." - The Incredibles

"Just, ah, whenever you get a 'fly so fast it reverses time itself' gadget on your belt - let me know" - Superman to Batman on How "Superman" should have ended

"He likes a peanut.....I like a peanut...." - Tantor, Tarzan

"Do you guys even READ the script?!!!" - Guy, Galaxy Quest

"I'm AMAZING. I'm Batman!!" - Dean, Supernatural

"Let's get out of here before one of those things kills Guy." - Gwen, Galaxy Quest

"Remember back in the day where Health and Safety was just called 'Common Sense'?" - A hilarious Aussie comedian whose name I don't recall

"No. I didn't do that." - Jermaine, Flight of the Conchords

Some of these I actually use regularly in everyday life - oh ho! - such as? you say unbelievingly....
"Boy, I bet that must be frustrating!" (Dory) - I use this ALOT. Love it.

What else?

"Well, that was INCREDIBLY eaaaaaaaaaasy," from "How The Lord of the Rings should have ended"
Usually when I'm surprised how easy or quickly something was achieved. Sometimes I forget where this quote is from and Chris likes to torture me until I remember.

"Good feeling GONE" - also another great one from Dory.

"I'm not happy Bob. NOT happy." - we actually used to have the Donts trained to say this when he was younger - we also had Monk trained when very young to say "A bargain!" when we cued him with "What do you get at The Warehouse?" and when we prompted him with "and a money back..." he would pipe up cheerfully "Guarantee!!"

Not so frequently I also like to say.....

"Do you guys even READ the script?!?!?!!" - Guy, Galaxy Quest - OR substitute words in appropriately such as recently with the crazed "neighbor" - does she even LIVE in her house?!?!!

"I'm AMAAAAAZING. I'm Batman." - Dean, Supernatural.
In fact....just this morning, I made a TOTALLY "Batman" worthy saving-catch. 'Twas AMAZING.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sick day, Late night musings...

I didn't get to church today. I have a tummy bug. In the interests of being discreet I'll just say that I don't feel nauseous and I'm not throwing up. We'll leave it at that.

As such I've kept myself on the usual strict diet of toast or stewed apple to combat this (we're out of edible bananas and I haven't drummed up the motivation to cook myself some rice). Two days now. Doesn't seem to be working. I usually put my kids on this "diet" when they're afflicted with tummy bugs - it seems to clear things up amazingly quickly - I'm having a re-think, a re-examination of this synopsis now though after eating slice after slice of plain toast and finally giving in and putting spread and Marmite on a couple - just for want of some flavour! Maybe they weren't better methinks now....maybe they were just SICK of this bland "diet".

Which leads me to some further musings on the subject....

I wonder if "reverse psychology" works with this sort of thing....could I eat something that would only make my current affliction worse in the hopes of "tricking" my body....? Would my body really be fooled? Would it think...hang on. she shouldn't be eating this. It's only going to make matters worse!...and then in this particularly confused state would eating the "wrong" thing help me get better rather than worse...?
I'm willing to give it a try....

But an even more attractive option lies in wait - tonight at dinner, Grandma happened to mention that sweetened condensed milk helps clear up these sorts of things - REALLLY? I exclaim hopefully and excitedly.
I must say I feel somewhat duty-bound to test this particular remedy. Oh look and there just happens to be TWO.WHOLE.CANS. in the store room.

What luck!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Imitation whitebait anyone...?

So lately I've had a bit of a hankering for white bait/shirasu (especially this week when I was planning the week's meals and trying to think of something different for a change).

Then I had this idea - eggs + moyashi (mung bean sprouts) = imitation white bait pattie*!

So today...I broke at the fry pan, whisked up a couple of eggs and added a bunch of homegrown moyashi (yes, I grow my own sprouts! Mung bean and brown lentils mostly) annnnnd....

Oooooh! CHOUDAI!!


Look at that steam!! Mmmmmmmmmmmm!

Verdict: Delicious! Definitely crunchier than real white bait and also obviously, not fishy tasting! If I remember correctly my Dad used to make these with grated potato but I'm thinking - mung bean sprouts - MUCH healthier! Surely? (we'll just overlook how much spread I put in the pan to start....)

For those who are curious to know how to sprout beans/lentils - 'Tis EASY! Buy yourself some mung beans, brown lentils, chickpeas (not sure what else is good - these are the only one's I've tried - I'm guessing red kidney beans would be out though as they are poisonous if not vigorously boiled for 15 mins). Get some old glass jars. Cover beans/lentils with water and leave to soak over night. In the morning tip out the water - cover your jar(s) with a tea towel or muslin cloth if you have it and put in a warm place (hot water cylinder cupboard is good!) - during the day take your jar(s) out and soak your beans/lentils at least twice a day. They sprout pretty fast - you'll probably start to see wee shoots on the 1st or 2nd day. You're supposed to be able to eat them as soon as they've sprouted - this is also apparently when they're at their peak in nutrients and goodness! Keep soaking, rinsing and warming them until they've reached your desired length and then store them in the fridge (personally I never get to this stage as I'm eating them in sandwiches and salads all along the way!)

The little man had some lunch too....one of his favs - "armite oast" (aka Marmite Toast). He clocked out early though....

*It's called a "pattie" even though it's JUST egg - easy - yay!!