Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ami Ana Giveaway!!

So....I am actually having a Giveaway on Ami Ana at the moment (the past week to be exact), but it would seem that thanks to Facebook's new promotion and view quashing tactics very few people, excepting a few whom I have informed directly of it, knew! :/

 This makes me sad. It probably makes you sad too.

So, in an attempt to combat Facebook's disagreeable "tactics" I am considering extending the entry time for one more day for all those whom Facebook have prevented, nay impeded from being informed of it and potentially missing out on FREE Ami Ana goodies! What do YOU all think?

I think that considering I'm only extending for one extra day, you guys still have pretty primo odds to win :D

 So short'n'sweet - to Enter:
1. Be an Ami Ana Facebook fan - here's the link to do that - https://facebook.com/Anarashii
2. Comment either on the Ami Ana Facebook page or the Anarashii Blog - http://Anarashii.blogspot.com and tell me what Ami Ana item is on your Christmas wish list!
3. Share on your personal FB page or biz page for extra entries!

 Time for Entries to close is now 8.30pm Thursday 8th November NZ Time. Good luck! Here's what's up for grabs!