Sunday, December 21, 2008

...."Tis all relative..."

"conversation" between Michael and I just mere minutes ago - 
Michael "Aaaaahhhhhh!!!Aaahhh! Aaahh! AaaaAAHHHHhhh!!"
Mummy "What is it?!" (sounding alarmed)
Michael (in a teary voice) " I scratched myself and now it's BLEEDING!!!!" - lifting his shirt to show my teeniest tiniest scratch you've ever seen with the smallest smudge of red where the skin has been broken.
Mummy "That's NOTHING son. I push you babies out and then go to church the next day. REALLY."
(as an afterthought) "I'm sorry you scratched yourself"

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bye bye Baby Ami.....

....that's righht....wave bye bye.....IF you live in the US of A  :( 

It appears that a new law is coming into effect in the US come February 10th 2009 which requires that  ALL items intended for children 12 years and under - be they toys, clothes - everything for or made with the intent of being used by or for children within this age bracket - recieve COMPULSORY testing for lead content by a third party laboratory. As I understand it, this not only applies to the supplies that we buy to make our products with but also the final product we end up with - in simple terms - manufacturers selling us supplies are required to pay to have their products tested and then we are likewise required to repeat the process on our completed items AND it apparently ALSO applies to items entering the States. The penalty being large fines, and for those of us outside of the States like me I imagine our items will refused "entry" and sent back - what?! It seems that not only are they intent on imposing back breaking laws on small business owners but also they are opening the door to sky high pricing on childrens items in general and in the face of a supposed world economic crisis - that'll be popular!
       Ah well....thems the breaks eh. I just feel sad for those big fans in the States who have become enamoured with my fledgling Baby Ami range - Well...I guess there is still time up till Feb 10th eh? - it's now or never!

Guess I'll just have to get my maternity styles fired up - it'll be a whole new raging trend of pampering preggie women!! - surely? It's not like anyone can get something for the baby...not till s/he's over 12 anyway - then the lawmakers say you're on your own!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

..The funniest things.....

The following are some amusing conversations I've had with my children or just hilarious comments they've made:

Jonts: (holding up a baby picture of Michael) Mummy - is this the baby, is this JoJo?
Mummy: No
Jonts: Who is it?
Mummy: Well....who do you think it is? Guess....
Jonts: Is it Jonty?! (referring to himself in the third person...)
Mummy: No
Jonts: Who is it?!
Mummy: Who do you think?
Jonts: Aawwwwwwwwww (with a knowing tone of voice) - it's Michael!
Mummy: Yes. You're quite brilliant darling.

Mummy: Do I get a prize? What do I get?!? Do I get to make your beds everyday is that my "reward'?
Michael: No! (laughing)
Mummy: Do I get to pick up your smelly socks out of the toy box? No?! Piles of endless washing and neverending ironing - is THAT my treat?
Michael: Don't be silly Mummy.
Mummy: What is it then?
Michael: I'm going to get you Beef Turkey for Christmas - that's your Christmas present. Oh! Do you like it? (after a moments thought) ...maybe I should get something that you'd like.....
(me still laughing in the background about beef turkey)

(Just this morning) 
Jonts: I am ELECTRIC to PEANUTS!!!!

Michael: (tickling Mummy for some cheeky remark or corny joke) - SUFFER the suffer-quences!!!!!