Tuesday, December 2, 2008

..The funniest things.....

The following are some amusing conversations I've had with my children or just hilarious comments they've made:

Jonts: (holding up a baby picture of Michael) Mummy - is this the baby, is this JoJo?
Mummy: No
Jonts: Who is it?
Mummy: Well....who do you think it is? Guess....
Jonts: Is it Jonty?! (referring to himself in the third person...)
Mummy: No
Jonts: Who is it?!
Mummy: Who do you think?
Jonts: Aawwwwwwwwww (with a knowing tone of voice) - it's Michael!
Mummy: Yes. You're quite brilliant darling.

Mummy: Do I get a prize? What do I get?!? Do I get to make your beds everyday is that my "reward'?
Michael: No! (laughing)
Mummy: Do I get to pick up your smelly socks out of the toy box? No?! Piles of endless washing and neverending ironing - is THAT my treat?
Michael: Don't be silly Mummy.
Mummy: What is it then?
Michael: I'm going to get you Beef Turkey for Christmas - that's your Christmas present. Oh! Do you like it? (after a moments thought) ...maybe I should get something that you'd like.....
(me still laughing in the background about beef turkey)

(Just this morning) 
Jonts: I am ELECTRIC to PEANUTS!!!!

Michael: (tickling Mummy for some cheeky remark or corny joke) - SUFFER the suffer-quences!!!!!

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Sherry said...

I think my favorite is "electric to peanuts." Ha!