Friday, July 30, 2010

What the...???

I just saw this featured in the Storque on Etsy.

What the...????

So my first thoughts in all honesty were - some sort of mistake...? This was perhaps meant to be featured on the Front Page of Regretsy?

Hmmmm....need I say more....

OR...Perhaps this is what happens when Cookie Monsters go bad?

Memorable Moments #2

I used to work at BONZ in Christchurch - which for those of you not in the know is a very upmarket "Souveneir" store - the type that thinks of themselves as SO fancy schmancy that they deign not to be referred to as a mere "Souveneir" store - and yet - that is what they are.
Especially with a name that is an acronym for "Best of New Zealand" - I mean - REALLY.

This one time I was helping out one of the Japanese Sales Assistant's with his American Customers - he didn't feel altogether confident with his English and asked me to help out - so I struck up a conversation with his customers while he sorted out the details of their purchases. It was easy to guess where they were from - they had Boston accents. And if I hadn't picked up on it from the accent surely I would have just as quickly picked it up from their straightforward no nonsense attitude - well, at least the husband's....

So, there I was chatting away with them, talking about their travels, where they were going to next and it turned out they were headed to Fiji next - well, wouldn't you know but Fiji had just recently had a military coup (it's getting to be a bit of a hobby really, isn't it?)...So I asked them if this was something that concerned them since they were travelling there next. The husband responded immediately,
"No. I have a GUN."

Awkward. What's that noise? Oh it's the sound of the conversation crashing and burning.

I mean really - what can you say to that?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lesson learned

NEVER lick food off your fingers when you've been rinsing things with Dettol. No matter HOW delicious that morsel looks - DON'T do it!!!! Blecch.

(learned this, to my great misfortune, the other morning)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Memorable Moments

It's kinda vague now that I think back but I definitely remember slamming Fuzz's car door shut on my hand. I remember that it was weird. VERY weird. WEIRD? Yes, weird. Weird because I didn't really feel any pain - well maybe a bit - but not nearly as much as you'd think you know? Like when you get stung by a bee on your foot and at first you think it's a prickle, until you look and see it's actually a bee and then it's automatically a gazillion times more painful because you can clearly SEE that you've stood on a bee and not a prickle (I've had this happen to me). Yet I felt the door close on my hand, and I actually stood there for a good few minutes musing over how the door was shut on my hand, and how said door was flush with the car - and yet - unbelievably my hand was somehow in there squished betwixt car door and car body - HOW??? I also took a few moments to wonder why it wasn't particularly sore and how best to extricate my hand. OW.

So there you go - the first of many memorable moments.

And didn't hurt all that bad - although possibly shock and endorphins mercifully kicked in and saved me. Who knows...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Deciphering Wombat-speak

"Ginja tisses ate meeee, mmmmmmm"

The Wombat's (aka Little J) attempt to tell his Grandma about some Ginger Kisses we jointly devoured.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Breakfast "Buddies"

When: Tuesday Morning
Scene: Table - Breakfast time

Monk: Everyone is having something different for breakfast except for me and Mum! Mum! You're having the exact same breakfast as ME! (that would be, porridge)
Me: No, I'm not having the same breakfast as you - I don't have milk with mine OR 5 different kinds of sugar!
Monk: *outraged scowl*

To be truthful he doesn't really have 5 different kinds of sugar on his porridge - he only has TWO.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Yesterday, Fuzz surprised us all by joining in with us for Zumba.
It was certainly entertaining watching the other women's faces as they turned up and saw him participating.

Part way through I murmured to him,
"When we get home I'll bring up youtube so that I can show you a video of the ONLY other male in Dunedin, apart from you, that's doing Zumba."

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Highlight of my day

I was taking my bowl and spoon to the kitchen to wash (after a delicious lunch of jelly sponge) when I had one of my frequent bouts of sheer brilliance - Monk had gone through to use the toilet and I knew he'd be back through the door in a sec - predictably neglecting to wash his hands. Soooo... instead of taking my bowl and spoon to the sink, I hid just by the back door beside the bathroom door, out of sight and waited - as soon as I heard the door open I yelled ,
at the top of my voice and then "sat back" and relished the subsequent fall-out.

It was the funniest thing. EVER.

(Yup, I'm STILL laughing).

Pirate eyes, they're watching youuuuu...

Okay - just to be clear - I do know that the song isn't Pirate eyes. I DO. Just my attempt at a catchy title.

Now. On with the story...

On our recent trip to Christchurch we took the older boys to a 1, 2 and 3 dollar shop at Eastgate so they could blow all their dosh on junky stuff - you know, the usual.

JJ Jonstarrrr got himself (amongst other things) a wee Pirate kit that had more in it than you'd have thought! An eye patch, pirate treasure/coins (of course), a nasty plasticy pirate bandana and a clip on pirate-y hoop earring.

Chris tried it on for laughs and to see if his beard made him look extra pirate-y. The result made me erupt in fits of uncontrollable laughter - see for yourself:

Chris/Fuzz: How does it look?
(or he may have said How do I look? or perhaps he meant do I look pirate-y? Suit a pirate-y hoop earring?)
Me: You look like you have a keyring in your ear.

Togs...Undies, Undies, UNDIES!!!

Scene - our lounge
When - This morning
Me (spying underpants STILL lying on the floor): Monk! Pick those (dirty) underpants up! Or I'll make you wear them when we go to the shop - and I don't mean on your bottom!"

Monk promptly dealt with the undies.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What if.....?

You consigned some items at a store that has continually had shady dealings with you in the past - a store that you now, choose to no longer consign your items with on account of said shady dealings....would you name and shame??
And what would it take?

I am currently ruminating on just such a situation - here is pretty much what I'm weighing up as I agonise over whether to name and shame or no...

* I know other innocent people are currently consigning with said store or will choose to in the future
* These people would perhaps choose NOT to consign with them if I spoke up
* Said store has an unspoken price "limit" for their store ie. they purport to be advocates of "Handmade" but in actuality they just want as cheap as poss so that they can in turn slog it off as cheaply as poss.
* On account of this said store has stolen ideas of mine and attempted to reproduce them - cheap and nasty attempted knock-offs!
* Said store has then lost all "motivation" to sell my items, removed them from their store without any discussion and stored them in their Garage.
* Said store did not inform me of their storing my items in their Garage for several months - in fact not until I repeatedly followed up and inquired after my items.
* Said store undercut me with their cheap nasty attempted knock-offs of my items or found others who would.
* Said store returned items damaged beyond repair, missing tags or key items eg. a Pattern from a Kit!!!
* Said store NEVER informed me of a damaged item or returned it for repair (a very simple task for me!) but instead "attempted" to "repair" and ended up pretty much destroying said item - I only found this out by way of a note in a box of my returned items.
* Said store did not inform me of missing item from Kit or missing tags or parts from other items or apologise for these things.

Sooooo.....what would you do?

Name and shame?

I feel quite ill just thinking on all of this - and here I was feeling relieved that all was over and done with this store and now I have to follow up on this missing pattern - who knows who has it now or if it's being copied/reproduced/sold. Just downright DESPICABLE if you ask me.
Should I chase them up on this missing pattern/incomplete kit?? Should I just let it go?
And IF I do let the pattern go.... should I still warn others about this store....?

In quite the conflicted quandry over this : (