Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What if.....?

You consigned some items at a store that has continually had shady dealings with you in the past - a store that you now, choose to no longer consign your items with on account of said shady dealings....would you name and shame??
And what would it take?

I am currently ruminating on just such a situation - here is pretty much what I'm weighing up as I agonise over whether to name and shame or no...

* I know other innocent people are currently consigning with said store or will choose to in the future
* These people would perhaps choose NOT to consign with them if I spoke up
* Said store has an unspoken price "limit" for their store ie. they purport to be advocates of "Handmade" but in actuality they just want as cheap as poss so that they can in turn slog it off as cheaply as poss.
* On account of this said store has stolen ideas of mine and attempted to reproduce them - cheap and nasty attempted knock-offs!
* Said store has then lost all "motivation" to sell my items, removed them from their store without any discussion and stored them in their Garage.
* Said store did not inform me of their storing my items in their Garage for several months - in fact not until I repeatedly followed up and inquired after my items.
* Said store undercut me with their cheap nasty attempted knock-offs of my items or found others who would.
* Said store returned items damaged beyond repair, missing tags or key items eg. a Pattern from a Kit!!!
* Said store NEVER informed me of a damaged item or returned it for repair (a very simple task for me!) but instead "attempted" to "repair" and ended up pretty much destroying said item - I only found this out by way of a note in a box of my returned items.
* Said store did not inform me of missing item from Kit or missing tags or parts from other items or apologise for these things.

Sooooo.....what would you do?

Name and shame?

I feel quite ill just thinking on all of this - and here I was feeling relieved that all was over and done with this store and now I have to follow up on this missing pattern - who knows who has it now or if it's being copied/reproduced/sold. Just downright DESPICABLE if you ask me.
Should I chase them up on this missing pattern/incomplete kit?? Should I just let it go?
And IF I do let the pattern go.... should I still warn others about this store....?

In quite the conflicted quandry over this : (

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