Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Memorable Moments

It's kinda vague now that I think back but I definitely remember slamming Fuzz's car door shut on my hand. I remember that it was weird. VERY weird. WEIRD? Yes, weird. Weird because I didn't really feel any pain - well maybe a bit - but not nearly as much as you'd think you know? Like when you get stung by a bee on your foot and at first you think it's a prickle, until you look and see it's actually a bee and then it's automatically a gazillion times more painful because you can clearly SEE that you've stood on a bee and not a prickle (I've had this happen to me). Yet I felt the door close on my hand, and I actually stood there for a good few minutes musing over how the door was shut on my hand, and how said door was flush with the car - and yet - unbelievably my hand was somehow in there squished betwixt car door and car body - HOW??? I also took a few moments to wonder why it wasn't particularly sore and how best to extricate my hand. OW.

So there you go - the first of many memorable moments.

And didn't hurt all that bad - although possibly shock and endorphins mercifully kicked in and saved me. Who knows...

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