Wednesday, August 18, 2010


...are we REQUIRED to be able to back (reverse) around a corner?

Why, for those rare, yet very real and memorable moments in life when we come in contact with morons who decide it would be a GREAT idea to double park on a narrow little side street.
THAT is why.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

GIVE-AWAY on Anarashii!

I've just posted a give-away on Anarashii for a pair of knitted baby mitts - a current new design still technically "in the works" - I'm not one to beg for followers or anything, so all you need do to qualify is leave a comment and your name and I shall randomly draw the name of the winner. So if you, or someone you know, is pregnant, currently has a baby/young child, knows someone who is and is in desperate need of a gift - be sure to check it out and be in to win!

PS - just a reminder - you need to comment on the Give-away post on Anarashii - Best of luck! :D

Saturday, August 7, 2010

'Spect you'll wanna see me Specs....

Ordered me some new glasses from Zennioptical, highly recommended to me by both Ange* and Mariah (who just happens to be Ange's sister).
Pros and Cons - Pros first - they are EXTREMELY cheap!! Also the postage is not out of this world. They arrived pretty quickly (mine arrived Friday).

Cons - it is an American site yet nowhere does it say clearly that it is or state that the prices are in USD - I always find this sort of thing a little annoying. Also because it is an American site there are problems when entering your details - I had to re-enter all my details at least 3 times because apparently they were "invalid" - what happens as a result of America-centric required address details.

All in all the pros majorly outweigh the cons however so I am still recommending this site to others - with the caveat that they will require a generous amount of PATIENCE in dealing with the site.

And so, without further ado (cos I know you all must just be fairly chaffing at the bit to see!*cough*) - me in me new specs:

*Here is the actual blog post where she raves about them :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

MORE encouraging incidents and comments from the "Murderhouse" aka Dental School

Yes - yet more encouraging incidents and comments from my visit to the Dental School yesterday....

incident: after they had finished I went to the toilet on my way out - fortunately for me! Doubly fortunately there are LARGE mirrors in the toilets by which I could quite easily see several smears of foreign white substance all over one side of my face - what? NOTHING?! Not one word? No - oh, you might want to get to a mirror and clean your face off? UN.BE.LIEV.ABLE.

Also, luckily as I peeked in the mirror I noticed that my mouth was full of blood. It was then that I remembered this particular comment (from the Tutor no less)

Comment: Hopefully that stops bleeding....

Not exactly brimming with confidence with comments like these guys!

Also I kept falling asleep again, they REALLY need to let me crochet or something while they're working on my teeth.
It does prove one thing though - it IS possible to doze off in an uncomfortable chair, with a sore neck, at the Dentist due to sheer boredom and lack of activity. It IS.

Are we on the same page here...?

Earlier at the Dental School....:

Dental Student: (upon completing work on my teeth) How are you feeling?
Me: My face is stinging.
Dental Student: Oh, it's just the cement - it can be a little irritating sometimes...
Me: My face is STINGING. Right HERE. And HERE. And along HEEEEEEERE.
Dental Student: (turning to assisting fellow dental student) Alcohol wipe.

At this point I'd like to point out that I thought - ALCOHOL wipe? I say my face is STINGING and your answer is to fix it with an ALCOHOL wipe??? Needless to say I had serious concerns about "curing" STINGING with an ALCOHOL wipe.

Assisting Dental Student wipes the stinging areas on my face that I had indicated.
Me: It's making it WORSE!!!!!

I wash my face off with water from a cup they pour for me. ALCOHOL wipe?!? WHAT were they THINKING?!?!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What to do when Monsters descend upon you...

Me (to the kids, as I head outside to fetch wood for the fire in the dark of night): If I scream it's just the monsters eating me....(afterthought) run and shut the door!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

TOUGH Talk - Mama style

Up till now we have always known Monk to be allergic to peanuts - we came to this logical conclusion once when he was very young when A chocolate CRUMB from a peanut slab made his face and neck puff up and also develop red whelps not unlike those caused by nettles. Fairly straightforward conclusion from there.

A couple of days ago Fuzz decided to give Monk a peanut MnM to see if he had grown out of his allergy. Monk ate it. Didn't like the taste. No reaction. GREAT!

Yesterday, Monk - who you will remember decided he didn't like the taste of peanuts - insisted that he wanted to try a WHOLE peanut slab - all to himself! Now I would argue that he was keen to try this, not to further test his seemingly disappearing allergy, but for the mere sheer quantity of chocolate to peanut ratio - but I may be wrong....however, he was not able to consume it without holding his nose - when questioned whether he liked it or not he responded testily with:
"I'm eating it, aren't I?"
I commented to him that if he was not able to eat it without holding his nose then he obviously didn't like it....And then the closer...because as a Mother, constantly making sure he avoided peanuts, and making sure that others knew he should till now, it occurred to me that just because he had eaten a peanut or two didn't necessarily mean he was over his allergy - it could just be evolving - he could be setting himself up for a big downfall. It occurred to me, that he might have a delayed reaction - I mentioned as much.

"What's a delayed reaction?" queried Monk, cluelessly.
Me:"It means you might die in an hour or two, instead of right away!"