Thursday, August 12, 2010

GIVE-AWAY on Anarashii!

I've just posted a give-away on Anarashii for a pair of knitted baby mitts - a current new design still technically "in the works" - I'm not one to beg for followers or anything, so all you need do to qualify is leave a comment and your name and I shall randomly draw the name of the winner. So if you, or someone you know, is pregnant, currently has a baby/young child, knows someone who is and is in desperate need of a gift - be sure to check it out and be in to win!

PS - just a reminder - you need to comment on the Give-away post on Anarashii - Best of luck! :D


Kelley said...

Those mittens are adorable! I wish I knew how to do that with some yarn. OH, well... On another note, I loved your definition of "prono" on my "Captcha Balderdash" game! I loved it even more that you used the word "plosive" on my blog. I know all about those as I am a speech pathologist and spend much time transcribing words phonetically. Ha!

Ana said...

EXCELLENT!! I'm just glad that someone (you in particular) knew what plosives were and didn't just think I had made up a word! I did one year of Linguistics in my first year at Uni - way back when. Plosives are always easy to remember cos, well they're almost onomatopoeic aren't they? I taught my oldest son about onomatopoeia when he was 7 (last year) - he pointed some out in class to his teacher and the teacher almost fell over with shock.

Good times!