Tuesday, August 3, 2010

TOUGH Talk - Mama style

Up till now we have always known Monk to be allergic to peanuts - we came to this logical conclusion once when he was very young when A chocolate CRUMB from a peanut slab made his face and neck puff up and also develop red whelps not unlike those caused by nettles. Fairly straightforward conclusion from there.

A couple of days ago Fuzz decided to give Monk a peanut MnM to see if he had grown out of his allergy. Monk ate it. Didn't like the taste. No reaction. GREAT!

Yesterday, Monk - who you will remember decided he didn't like the taste of peanuts - insisted that he wanted to try a WHOLE peanut slab - all to himself! Now I would argue that he was keen to try this, not to further test his seemingly disappearing allergy, but for the mere sheer quantity of chocolate to peanut ratio - but I may be wrong....however, he was not able to consume it without holding his nose - when questioned whether he liked it or not he responded testily with:
"I'm eating it, aren't I?"
I commented to him that if he was not able to eat it without holding his nose then he obviously didn't like it....And then the closer...because as a Mother, constantly making sure he avoided peanuts, and making sure that others knew he should till now, it occurred to me that just because he had eaten a peanut or two didn't necessarily mean he was over his allergy - it could just be evolving - he could be setting himself up for a big downfall. It occurred to me, that he might have a delayed reaction - I mentioned as much.

"What's a delayed reaction?" queried Monk, cluelessly.
Me:"It means you might die in an hour or two, instead of right away!"


Kelley said...

Well, how is he?? I'm nervous! Those peanut allergies are no fun I hear. On another note, thanks for leaving your witty definition on my blog! Loved it! I linked your blog to mine today & put your definition within my post. I love word games! Did I already mention that?

Ana said...

Thanks for following up Kelley! And he's fine - I just felt a tad anxious about him eating a WHOLE chocolate bar FULL of peanuts and thought it unwise for him to eat ALL of it as someone who had previously been allergic to peanuts.
And thanks for the link! I'm glad you liked my definition - I actually thought it was quite a sad attempt seeing as I had come up with what I thought were quite awesome definitions for some others. Ah well - can't always get it right eh.
Like today for instance - cleaned the shower, washed the floors and then the kids come home and dirty them all up - feel altogether completely counter-productive!