Sunday, September 2, 2012

A snippet of conversation - Wombat-style

Week before last Wombat was unwell - when I say unwell I actually mean he was well - but his asthma was acting up something chronic - nasty deep cough, wheazy as heck. So we kept him home pretty much the whole week. Whilst he was at home one of the Kindy pets - one of the rabbits - died and this week just gone Kindy acquired a brand new rabbit.The Kindy needs to name the newly arrived rabbit and so they posted the children's name suggestions for this new rabbit on the white board out on the Kindy porch. They made me smile - that is they made me have an internal giggle fit. Some of my favourites were (let me just preface this by saying that the Rabbit is a black female Rabbit)
- Batman - this one has my vote for sure.
- Venom - a definite superhero/villain theme going on here.
- Black - just Black - no Blacky/Blackie. Just Black. Imaginative.
- Rabbity.

I was sure Wombat had been responsible for suggesting "Batman", however Wombat instead proudly informed me that his suggestions for the new Rabbit's name had been Rabbity and/or Water.Random.

And then Chris' parents and Gma stopped by tonight for a short visit and I just had to share this little conversation.Mum had been exclaiming over a new snuggly toy Wombat had seated on the table whilst he studiously drew a picture of a Lion.
Mum: Where did you get that from?
Wombat: A Shop.
Me: Op shop/Sallies.
Wombat: Monk bought it for me.
Mum: It's VERY nice.
Me: It's in pretty good nick.
Wombat picked up his new dog snuggly and showed it off to his Grandma: It's a dog and his name is Blue, like on Blues Clues.
Mum: Oh? Why haven't you named him Rabbity?(
in a stating the obvious tone) Wombat: Cos he's a DOG.
(stifled giggles) Mum: Why not call him Doggie then?(
in an abrupt no nonsense tone) Wombat: His name is BLUE.

End of conversation.