Friday, February 12, 2010


Possibly one of the most hideous things I've ever had the misfortune to lay eyes on

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

In your DREAMS!!

Dear Custom Order requester,

A hooded scarf with pockets for $10??? Hand Knitted?! ANNNND Tassels?? ANGORA?!?!?!!! ANNNNND shipping included?!?!?!!! In MORE than one colour??!?!?

Is it to wear when you're out in the street in your shorts doing jumping jacks...?!

In other've CLEARLY had some sort of severe break with reality. It may be wise for you to visit with a Psychiatrist. Frequently. Right away.

NOT a Genie

Monday, February 8, 2010

Lil' Avei the Biker!

Part of an unfinished adventure to Pak'n'Save today - got to Barnadoes and had to turn back - Oh well.

The Cat Gauntlett

I'd like to see them try to poo on THIS!!! Yes, this is pretty much EVERY possible cat deterrent you can think of with the main feature of plastic forks, buried in the ground - prongs up! (this is where they - the evil neighbours' cats - seem to favour pooping in particular), sprinkled with crushed egg shells, littered with orange peel and liberally covered with ground black pepper - so far, so good.

...And yes, I HAVE considered sharpening each prong individually and dipping them in vinegar....!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Jonsta - Unfiltered

Jonsta (viewing the pictures of the dear friends they miss from NZ from this blog post - Jonsta begins listing off the people and families he knows from the pictures...
Jonsta - that's Eric!
Me - Impressive that you remember him son
Jonsta - that's OUR family! Hey, that's Jared's family! Annnnd...Matthew's family! Annnnd...oh! That's Nicholas' family - I KNOW that family! And that's Haki and I don't have any idea who's family.....!
Me (hoping for an interesting response) - Haki's family? Does Haki have a family? (also cos I knew Jonsta prob had NO idea who exactly made up Haki's family)
Jonsta (not one to be caught out in an error) JUST KIDDING!!
Me - It's Ange son. Haki and Ange. Ange is married to Haki.
Jonsta - Oh! (the Oh! of realisation). Haki and Ange's family...I don't see ME in OUR family's picture...
Me - That's right - that's because you and Monk were probably at school Jonts...
Jonsta - who's THAT guy?
Me - Which one?
Jonsta - THAT one (pointing)
Me - (enlarging the picture) You know who THAT is...
Jonsta - Oh! It's Eric! Eric's in this picture too. And the picture of OUR family....Oh, and who is THIS girl again...? (pointing to Sherry)
Me - THIS girl? You mean the one holding Joe?
Jonsta - (incredulous) I didn't know Joe was in this picture!!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

All new Blog for fellow Crochet/Knit addicts!!

Short post linking to my all NEW blog! I've finally got round to putting together a blog for all things Crochet, Knit and Ami Ana of course! (only after Sherry hounded me about doing this.....more or less...) - so here it is! YAY!! Please check it out, become a follower, tell all your friends/other Ami Ana fans - all that stuff!

Cheers Ana aka The Crazy Crochet Nutter

PS - Yes, I realise it's not called Ami Ana - instead I've named it Anarashii - its an adjective I've made up using a Japanese suffix which means -like or -ish - as such I think it perfectly describes what I try to do with Ami Ana and all my fashions - give ya piece of me! : P