Saturday, February 6, 2010

Jonsta - Unfiltered

Jonsta (viewing the pictures of the dear friends they miss from NZ from this blog post - Jonsta begins listing off the people and families he knows from the pictures...
Jonsta - that's Eric!
Me - Impressive that you remember him son
Jonsta - that's OUR family! Hey, that's Jared's family! Annnnd...Matthew's family! Annnnd...oh! That's Nicholas' family - I KNOW that family! And that's Haki and I don't have any idea who's family.....!
Me (hoping for an interesting response) - Haki's family? Does Haki have a family? (also cos I knew Jonsta prob had NO idea who exactly made up Haki's family)
Jonsta (not one to be caught out in an error) JUST KIDDING!!
Me - It's Ange son. Haki and Ange. Ange is married to Haki.
Jonsta - Oh! (the Oh! of realisation). Haki and Ange's family...I don't see ME in OUR family's picture...
Me - That's right - that's because you and Monk were probably at school Jonts...
Jonsta - who's THAT guy?
Me - Which one?
Jonsta - THAT one (pointing)
Me - (enlarging the picture) You know who THAT is...
Jonsta - Oh! It's Eric! Eric's in this picture too. And the picture of OUR family....Oh, and who is THIS girl again...? (pointing to Sherry)
Me - THIS girl? You mean the one holding Joe?
Jonsta - (incredulous) I didn't know Joe was in this picture!!!!

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