Friday, February 5, 2010

All new Blog for fellow Crochet/Knit addicts!!

Short post linking to my all NEW blog! I've finally got round to putting together a blog for all things Crochet, Knit and Ami Ana of course! (only after Sherry hounded me about doing this.....more or less...) - so here it is! YAY!! Please check it out, become a follower, tell all your friends/other Ami Ana fans - all that stuff!

Cheers Ana aka The Crazy Crochet Nutter

PS - Yes, I realise it's not called Ami Ana - instead I've named it Anarashii - its an adjective I've made up using a Japanese suffix which means -like or -ish - as such I think it perfectly describes what I try to do with Ami Ana and all my fashions - give ya piece of me! : P

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