Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Rocky terrain of Bake-offs.....

"Mount" Afghan - made by Mummy and Jonty.

Typically features crumbly choclate biscuit terrain - this hot fudge "volcanic" mount recently erupted covering said mount in molten hot fudge icing and skewed walnut debris... (voted "tops" by Afghan connoisseur, Bro. Taylor).

Dark Chocolate Fudge and Dark Chocolate Fudge with Roasted (and chopped) Hazelnuts - my own entry - Awarded "Best Cake" of all things for want of a better category - Mum's should have won - in my opinion - as hers was the only actual cake and has chocolate cream cheese icing to die for - SERIOUSLY!

What I'll probably have to eat for at least the next SIX or so months to make up for all of this....fudge anyone?

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