Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Things I just don't get #2

*People who almost do things, but then for some reason decide not to - for instance, the other day I was pushing my trolley out of the supermarket with my groceries all packed up. In front of me was a guy with an empty trolley. He too was pushing his trolley. He pushed it all the way to the trolley bay near the doors (a few feet away), right to the end of several rows of trolleys - he looked like he was going to add his trolley to one of the rows - but nooooo! He didn't. He just left it there cross-ways of the rows of trolleys simultaneously blocking people off from trolleys and also blocking the way if you were removing a trolley - WHO does THAT!??!??
*People who drive at 60k on an 80k limit MOTORWAY and yet seem completely incapable of keeping to residential area speed limits - WHAT. IS. WRONG. WITH. THEM????!!!
*Why people persist in trying to find a part or parts that are edible of poisonous substances eg. Fugu aka Puffer Fish, Red Kidney Beans etc - what, specifically, makes someone think - ok, well, yes, those first 50 or so people may have died from eating this...but that doesn't mean that ALL of it is poisonous and I'll be darned if we're not going to keep trying and find that edible part!! - I mean, REALLY? Who is THAT desperate for food? Who are they trying to impress?
*Garlic Hummus. GAAAAAH. I know, I know, I've mentioned this before - but now there is an actual flavour named JUST that. It's REALLY annoying. Really.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Dodged that bullet!!

The Monk informed me this evening that all he wants for Christmas is the jetpack he just saw on the News on tv - phew! That's a relief. And here I was worried he might request something COMPLETELY ridiculous.

Friday, November 12, 2010

What the heyyyyyy...??

I can add pictures on this blog, but don't seem to be able to on Anarashii - what gives??

Anyone else with this problem?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


It's decided. I'm having a Summer Sale over at Ami-Ana! (even though "Summer" is technically officially a few weeks away)
The plan is for it to be a gradual sale with me discounting and featuring/announcing items that have joined the Summer Sale ranks over time.

So to start it all off here is a pic of the first official Ami-Ana Summer Sale item!

Available at both Ami-Ana on Etsy as well as Ami-Ana on Felt. I will also create an Ami-Ana Summer Sale photo album over at the Ami-Ana FB page and will add to it as I announce each new sale item so keep an eye out there too. This stunner was originally $89NZ, then it was discounted to $75NZ - and now it's practically a steal at $50NZ ($38.50USD - awesome if you live in the US!). Please note - This special Summer Sale price will last only last as long as there are ponchos left! Be quick! ; )

Happy Summer Christmas shopping!
OR just happy Summer Sale shopping!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Do my EARS deceive me??

I am by now well accustomed and will readily admit to the foul smell of grilling capsicum - on previous occasions when I have grilled/roasted it for making hummus it has repeatedly set off the smoke alarm in our lounge - hence, I am now somewhat of an old hand at this and consequently open all the windows and doors that one can within reason - in anticipation!

As my boys and hubby returned home from school this afternoon they were greeted with the mere beginnings of the putrid scent of grilling capsicum. I must say they all play the tortured victim rather well - for duration of the grilling process husband and children alike held their noses and moaned and groaned about the foulness and torturous-ness of it all. That is all the children bar one. Whilst his older brothers groaned loudly and incessantly, clutching their noses with pained faces - the wombat, as per usual, attempted to copy all this "older brother" stuff - pained face - check. Boisterous complaining - check. Pinched nose - ba-bow.

It seemed somewhere along the way that the wombat got a bit confused and instead of pinching his nose to block out the heinous scent he instead feverishly covered his ears.

UNBEARABLY cute and amusing!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


This is what I automatically think of when I hear the word "fine".

Lazy Domesticity #3

A couple of weeks ago a bunch of us all got together and had a big potluck to farewell a couple of friends off who were moving to Oz - I made this or at least a variation thereof and a number of friends commented on it so I've decided it's only fair that I "share the joy".

And YES this is another one of my so-called "default" meals.

Differences between "my" lasagne and the recipe on the foodinaminute website - As a mother I'm going for simplicity (what I have readily available) as well as what my boys will eat - I don't readily have canned chilli beans available nor will my boys eat spicy foods (which let's be honest a lot of foods that claim to be "mild" still are) so these are swapped out for a can of regular baked beans without a second thought. Green capsicum - if I have it, it goes in. Tomato paste - also "optional" in my opinion - if I have some I put it in. Parsley - not a fan, so I'm not gonna rush out to buy it especially for this. Parmesan - although I DO buy it to make pesto with - is SMELLY - kids don't like smelly - so I just use regular mild cheese. I grate with the side of the grater with the smallest holes so that I can get more volume with less cheese. I also don't serve this with guacamole.
HOWEVER - I DO add a few things - one grated carrot and at least one grated zucchini when I add the can of beans, and sometimes I add ripped spinach/silverbeet leaves if I have them. Also if EVERYONE in the fam loved mushrooms then I would no doubt add sliced mushrooms as well - YUM. I have also used cream cheese when I didn't have cottage cheese available.

Also here's a little variation I did once with some Venison Chris cooked up.

Why no photos? you ask. Our computer went bust a week or so ago and it is STILL away being fixed so we are living off our laptop. Superspeed - Yes. All our regular, familiar programmes, pictures etc - No.

Super Speed is good though. Not knocking super speed.

Anyway - I digress - hope you all enjoy and perhaps try some variations of your own! I am dying to try a variation using a delicious lentil spaghetti sauce recipe I know mmmmmm - that another time perhaps!