Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Things I just don't get #2

*People who almost do things, but then for some reason decide not to - for instance, the other day I was pushing my trolley out of the supermarket with my groceries all packed up. In front of me was a guy with an empty trolley. He too was pushing his trolley. He pushed it all the way to the trolley bay near the doors (a few feet away), right to the end of several rows of trolleys - he looked like he was going to add his trolley to one of the rows - but nooooo! He didn't. He just left it there cross-ways of the rows of trolleys simultaneously blocking people off from trolleys and also blocking the way if you were removing a trolley - WHO does THAT!??!??
*People who drive at 60k on an 80k limit MOTORWAY and yet seem completely incapable of keeping to residential area speed limits - WHAT. IS. WRONG. WITH. THEM????!!!
*Why people persist in trying to find a part or parts that are edible of poisonous substances eg. Fugu aka Puffer Fish, Red Kidney Beans etc - what, specifically, makes someone think - ok, well, yes, those first 50 or so people may have died from eating this...but that doesn't mean that ALL of it is poisonous and I'll be darned if we're not going to keep trying and find that edible part!! - I mean, REALLY? Who is THAT desperate for food? Who are they trying to impress?
*Garlic Hummus. GAAAAAH. I know, I know, I've mentioned this before - but now there is an actual flavour named JUST that. It's REALLY annoying. Really.

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