Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lazy Domesticity #3

A couple of weeks ago a bunch of us all got together and had a big potluck to farewell a couple of friends off who were moving to Oz - I made this or at least a variation thereof and a number of friends commented on it so I've decided it's only fair that I "share the joy".

And YES this is another one of my so-called "default" meals.

Differences between "my" lasagne and the recipe on the foodinaminute website - As a mother I'm going for simplicity (what I have readily available) as well as what my boys will eat - I don't readily have canned chilli beans available nor will my boys eat spicy foods (which let's be honest a lot of foods that claim to be "mild" still are) so these are swapped out for a can of regular baked beans without a second thought. Green capsicum - if I have it, it goes in. Tomato paste - also "optional" in my opinion - if I have some I put it in. Parsley - not a fan, so I'm not gonna rush out to buy it especially for this. Parmesan - although I DO buy it to make pesto with - is SMELLY - kids don't like smelly - so I just use regular mild cheese. I grate with the side of the grater with the smallest holes so that I can get more volume with less cheese. I also don't serve this with guacamole.
HOWEVER - I DO add a few things - one grated carrot and at least one grated zucchini when I add the can of beans, and sometimes I add ripped spinach/silverbeet leaves if I have them. Also if EVERYONE in the fam loved mushrooms then I would no doubt add sliced mushrooms as well - YUM. I have also used cream cheese when I didn't have cottage cheese available.

Also here's a little variation I did once with some Venison Chris cooked up.

Why no photos? you ask. Our computer went bust a week or so ago and it is STILL away being fixed so we are living off our laptop. Superspeed - Yes. All our regular, familiar programmes, pictures etc - No.

Super Speed is good though. Not knocking super speed.

Anyway - I digress - hope you all enjoy and perhaps try some variations of your own! I am dying to try a variation using a delicious lentil spaghetti sauce recipe I know mmmmmm - that another time perhaps!

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