Friday, July 22, 2011

Why Children should pick their toys up off the floor

Just about impaled my right palm on a Bey Blade this morning. Yeeeouchhhhh!! I AM SERIOUS. How ridiculous is THAT?!

After I stopped wailing and clutching my injured hand however I found I could still do my morning set of pushups. Yay!

My palm is still stinging intermittently when I least expect it. Yup, it's the holidays.

At least it's "takin' my mind off all that pain"* - toothache brought on by hot food and drink. It's Winter here btw - Bummer, eh?

*Ok, ok - it's a paraphrase - name that movie!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Insight into the mind of The Monk

The other morning Wombat was unwell. BUT diligent - that 3yr old gorgeousness ran with great desperation from his room, through the free-flow lounge, dining area, through the kitchen, right through to the bathroom where he shrieked for a bucket all so he could be sick in it! Gem.

Later as we cuddled in "the big bed" I asked him. "Did you spew in your bed?"
Wombat: No.
Me: You're AWESOME.
Wombat: Yes I am.

However a few minutes later he power chucked all over himself, me, our pillows and some of the bed requiring that I strip the bed and shower myself and the wombat-ty cherub.

After seeing to all this cleaning, wiping and soaking - all before school I might add - The Monk expressed some frustration about when we might be heading out to school to drop off him and Bear.
I responded "Wellllll, what do you still have to do to get ready?"
Ever the charmer Monk responded "Uh, I need to poo in my pants."
Me (without so much as an eye twitch) "Well, you better get pooing then - you wouldn't want to hold us up!"

And that was THAT.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sneak peek!

So here's a sneak peek at some of the new items I recently designed and made to enter into the Spotlight competition that closes at the end of this month - I think I have about 5 possible entries, and may squeeze some more in - it's the temptation to just keep designing and making things instead of finishing off the paper work etc for the entries I have completed that is the problem! Now just to photograph! Anyway here is a sneak peek at the main entry - it's knit AND crochet dress top - but I'm being coy and only letting all see a smidgeon!

Pssssst! I LOVE honeycomb cables! ; )

I've made 3 pairs of new knit cuffs all in different colours - I'm just a bit iraira (frustrated) about the fact that this new lattice stitch I just learnt to knit doesn't show up very well! Any tips? It's not really very defined/clear examining it in person either sadly - and I've made it in two very different colours : (

This is my attempt to try and give you a closer, clearer image of the knit lattice pattern. Yeah - not working is it? Sighhhhhhhhhh.

I also tried making one design that was just - let's face it - plain UGLY. So I canned it. 5/6 not too shabby though methinks.

Wish me luck and stay tuned to see what I finally decide to enter!