Friday, July 22, 2011

Why Children should pick their toys up off the floor

Just about impaled my right palm on a Bey Blade this morning. Yeeeouchhhhh!! I AM SERIOUS. How ridiculous is THAT?!

After I stopped wailing and clutching my injured hand however I found I could still do my morning set of pushups. Yay!

My palm is still stinging intermittently when I least expect it. Yup, it's the holidays.

At least it's "takin' my mind off all that pain"* - toothache brought on by hot food and drink. It's Winter here btw - Bummer, eh?

*Ok, ok - it's a paraphrase - name that movie!!


Angela Noelle of SK said...

1. The movie is Major Payne. Too easy. Give me another.

2. I think you wanted to tell us you do push-ups. :P

Ana said...

1. Blindingly obvious easy.