Friday, March 13, 2009


....So I had the misfortune of catching the tail end of the all new "NZ's Next Top Model" just before Rove last night - Rhys Darby - absolutely hilarious!!! .....but I digress...
PUH-leeeeseee! What are these people ON?!! They are going over who will "go through" to the next stage and looking over the girls' photos from their recent swimwear photo-shoot - One girl's picture comes up and they are like "ooooh - she look's unusual!" (but they clearly mean unusual in some kind of "cool" way). PEOPLE!!! She looks "unusual" because the girl is MALNOURISHED!! Her BONES are sticking out of her SKIN. That girl should NEVER be allowed to wear swimwear! She is the poster girl for failed eating disorder rehabilitation - REALLY!!!