Friday, July 30, 2010

Memorable Moments #2

I used to work at BONZ in Christchurch - which for those of you not in the know is a very upmarket "Souveneir" store - the type that thinks of themselves as SO fancy schmancy that they deign not to be referred to as a mere "Souveneir" store - and yet - that is what they are.
Especially with a name that is an acronym for "Best of New Zealand" - I mean - REALLY.

This one time I was helping out one of the Japanese Sales Assistant's with his American Customers - he didn't feel altogether confident with his English and asked me to help out - so I struck up a conversation with his customers while he sorted out the details of their purchases. It was easy to guess where they were from - they had Boston accents. And if I hadn't picked up on it from the accent surely I would have just as quickly picked it up from their straightforward no nonsense attitude - well, at least the husband's....

So, there I was chatting away with them, talking about their travels, where they were going to next and it turned out they were headed to Fiji next - well, wouldn't you know but Fiji had just recently had a military coup (it's getting to be a bit of a hobby really, isn't it?)...So I asked them if this was something that concerned them since they were travelling there next. The husband responded immediately,
"No. I have a GUN."

Awkward. What's that noise? Oh it's the sound of the conversation crashing and burning.

I mean really - what can you say to that?

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