Sunday, June 13, 2010

Clap clap

Awesome day today, quite enjoyed interpreting for Mimu at church - although I don't know what I actually enjoyed the most - the interpreting itself OR astounding everyone with what I still know ten PLUS years later (muahaha - evil, glorying laugh).

Although I did feel a bit pet seal-ish near the end when Izaac kept wanting me to translate:

Scene: Me chatting with Mimu in Nihongo. Enter Izaac.
Izaac (looking at and talking to me) : There's gonna be choir for about 30 minutes - is that ok? (then) TRANSLATE!!!
Me: Arf, arf.

I didn't actually say "Arf, arf".
You got me.


Elaine said...

That's awesome you can even interpret! I forgot all my Korean so it's pretty embarrassing..

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Ana said...

Thanks Elaine! I figure it's a waste if I don't remember and use it after all that :)