Friday, June 11, 2010

THAT ain't right!!!!!

Just got back home from the Monk's weekly Saturday morning soccer game - they won - but not without resistance! From the other team's coach! (who was reffing!)

What happened? Our team was about to TOTALLY get their second goal for the game when a boy from the other team - a boy who was on the sidelines, a boy who wasn't even playing - stepped in front of the goal and deflected the ball!!

What the?!??!!!

Then we (the parents) all start up -
"That was TOTALLY a goal!"
"GOAL Ref!"
" WHAA-AAAAAT?!?! He wasn't even playing?!?!!!"
"That TOTALLY would've gone in if not for the kid, who was subbed off!!!"

Ref verdict? NOT a goal!!!!

BUT he gave them a penalty shot. Which they pounded in there anyway - why not do the fair thing, why not just give them the goal and save yourself some time? I tell a lie! I got this mixed up with ANOTHER goal later in the game that should have been a goal but the ref, once again, reckoned wasn't - in the instance above the ref ruled it wasn't a goal. No penalty shot. NOTHING. (I'm sorry. Now I'm off to nomasu hari senbon).


There's only one phrase I can think of that perfectly describes my thoughts on this -

Chris Rock's "Presidential" catch phrase from "Head of State"

REALLY fitting here methinks. REALLY.

My boy (dark hair, red top) with his best mate (blonde, white sneaks, runnin' with the ball) at a tournament a few weeks back - which incidentally they won for their grade - wouldn't you know - this just happens to be the same team they played today! HA!

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