Thursday, September 2, 2010

You're KIDDING???

Came home to ORANGE spew splattered all over the bottom of our driveway yesterday. Some of the kids informed us it was spew. It was disgusting. I turned to Chris and said:
"You're KIDDING?!? SPEW?? Who spews in someone's driveway???"
Chris - "It happens"
Me - "Not if you're NOT using someone else's driveway as your OWN private walkway it doesn't!"

This morning as I checked the letterbox after dropping the boys off at school I noticed that I couldn't open the letterbox because the metal loop that the lock fits through had been bent upwards at probably a roughly 135 degree angle from it's previous/normal position.

I guess I should be glad the spew was on the drive.


Angela Noelle of SK said...

I'm a little surprised you still live there.

Ana said...

Please don't confuse it with WANTING to live here - was that an offer Ange? Should we forward you a wishlist ie. preferred suburbs, locality to preferred schools/shops etc? :P

Ana said...

Did I mention I was weeding two days ago and almost impaled my finger on one particularly sharp piece of glass - one of three I found whilst weeding in the same small area (around a crop of radishes) - only the first piece of glass was a surprise really - the next two were almost expected....