Thursday, September 9, 2010

What I KNOW.....

Was at a surprise birthday party for a very good friend last night. The party had barely started when another friend's husband filled his cup a little too much and before you know - over flowing coke everywhere! What does the male do/say?
G: Love! Love! Love! Help, help, help! (followed by running away)
Friend M begins to mop up spilt drink with serviettes. G watches on and nods - us girls "descend" on G, mocking and disparaging him for running away from his own mess like a helpless git.
G turns to me - It's woman's work - you KNOW this.
Me: All I know is that you will be buying a rather large, exorbitant gift to make up for this (*wink* at M)
M smiles and nods in agreement.


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