Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Felt auction for Christchurch, NZ

I chatted briefly with Lucy from Felt tonight - consoling each other over the lost heritage of historic Christchurch buildings since the 7.1 strength earthquake (and continuing after shocks) on Saturday morning, the inevitably changed landscape of the CBD and the various inspiring and honourable initiatives that have been started in the earthquake's wake. Someone had asked Lucy if Felt would be doing anything to help with the effort - I commented that this could be problematic considering the varied crafts that were available from various stores on Felt - but then I had a light bulb moment! We could ask individual Felt stores to donate items for an auction - the proceeds of which to be donated to the clean-up and rebuilding of Christchurch - that could work!!

Soooo.....here is the plug - PLEASE if you own a Felt store, or know someone who does - please consider donating an item from your store or two or SEVERAL!! Let's do our part to help Christchurch back on her feet!

ALSO - we didn't get so far as to discuss where we would send all the donated items to or where and when the auction would be held so please feel free to suggest - I've also posted about this on the Felt Forum, on my facebook Ami Ana fan page and will also be posting on my other blog Anarashii. Please feel free to post about this yourself on your FB page, your blog, where ever and spread the word to other Felt-ers :D

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