Thursday, September 30, 2010

Payback's a .....Louse?

Yup. You read that right. First - some background on this. About a week ago our poor little wombat lost his hat. HIS hat. The hat that is practically (Chris and I concluded) "Essence" of Wombat :(

Here is a pic of our wee guy in HIS hat

Wombat and I were at the Super Market and he was being silly with said treasured hat - a Knitted Brown Wool cap with a crocheted peak made with love by none other than ME!!! - anyway, he was being silly with his hat and dangling it over the side of the trolley and then when we got to the counter to pay I realised he had dropped it somewhere along the way. We paid and then went back to look but to no avail. We also left our name and number at the Customer Service's desk in case some kind person should hand it in - alas, it seemed the Super Market was just plum out of kind persons that particular day wouldn't you know it.

Wombat was pretty gutted. He stopped me as we left the Super Market and insisted we had forgotten his hat and that we needed to go back for it. I informed him that it now belonged to someone else. That that's what happens when you're "silly" with your stuff. That he had lost it and that someone else had picked it up, thinking themselves lucky no doubt, and not handing it - some mean, nasty, conscience-less fiend had picked it up and kept it....yup. The next time we went to the Super Market the Wombat inquired after his hat AGAIN and I had to AGAIN inform him that he had lost it and some unscrupulous opportunist had discovered it and absconded with it. I secretly prayed that although someone else was now enjoying HIS hat, that REALLY, somewhere deep down inside they were being totally and completely consumed with GUILT.

Turns out I needn't have wasted the time dreaming up such a wish. Karma it seems is as automatic as NZ Post's Insurance inclusive prices for packages under a certain contents' value! How so? you ask. Well,....a few days ago I happened to discover that the Wombat has NITS. HEADLICE that is. His hair is RIDDLED with eggs!!! Also when we treated his hair and scalp with MOOV (fabulous stuff!!!) and rinsed it out in the shower, his head fairly "rained" dead lice - quite impressive really. So now,...I'm feeling rather calm and happy and totally not wishing an impossibly guilt ridden life on my baby's hat's stealer (does that make sense? Grammatically?). Nope. Rather I'm hoping this mystery person or their child is wearing it well.
Actually I can't seem to stop myself snickering evilly, gleefully even* (yes - both silent and right out loud) at the mere thought of the unexpected consequences of their dastardly actions - muaaahhhahahahahhaaaa.

Payback's a LOUSE.
*When I snicker gleefully over this in my head I imagine my laugh sounding not too dissimilar to Dash's laugh when he discovers he can run on water.

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Sherry said...

Ha! Take that opportunists/thieves!