Sunday, November 15, 2009

MOvember, MOvember....

Last night Chris chatted with me about shaving off his beard and leaving a mo - for it is MOvember and that's what is done...more or less. He informed me that shaving it all off would take at least 15 mins, then he disappeared into the bathroom and reappeared some time later with a very unique "goatee". Whilst in the bathroom shaving or probably rather trimming and shaping said goatee, the following conversation had ensued:

Fuzz: It's MOvember - you're SUPPOSED to have a Mo
Me: Should I grow a Mo

Upon inspecting the "Mo" we both agreed that Chris looked like a cowboy and that he might in fact be in need of a ten gallon to finish off the look.
Still no response to the possibility of me having a Mo.

Then,..... this morning...
Sarukun's sick day from school turned into a continuation of the MOvember "debate".
And Lo...., here are the pictorial results!

Whoa! How's that for "overnight" growth?!

We also seem to have sprouted a troll doll

And a pajama-ed Pirate
Dubbed "Hair-vember" and "Eye-vember" by Sarukun - I don't think he quite gets the whole MOvember cause thing.

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