Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chimpun Kampun (All Greek to me...)

...At least that's what it says in the MTC little red vocab notebook - Chimpun Kampun = it's all Greek to me!

Today I suspect I witnessed a similar real life moment of "crossed wires".

An elderly-ish asian woman was making her way slowly through the Supermarket on crutches. A well meaning young man - who I came to realise probably didn't know her AT ALL - was shadowing her and trying to "help her out".

I suspected she was Japanese and so asked -moshikashitara, Nihonjin desu ka?
She confirmed in a vague, non-committal way that makes me wonder if she was in fact "confirming".

Regardless of this, I definitely got the feeling that she was probably wondering who the heck this supposedly "helpful" guy was who was following her all through the Supermarket and that he was actual more of a jama then a help.

Yep, she definitely had a strong repressed "IIIIIII no!" vibe/funiki about her.

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