Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wool "Nutter" follow-up

Remember this???

correction to your description

Hi there, The hat is really adorable, and I just wanted to point out that 100% acrylic is not perfect for little babies skin. Acrylic is a synthetic fiber, like a plastic, and can irritate skin with eczema and other skin conditions. It may feel like wool, but it's not natural at all. Using 100% wool or other natural fibre is best, organic is even better. Much success with your business! (Women's Name)

Well! She's struck again! Here's a message I only JUST received from her today.

Hi Ana,

Thanks for your email and I'm sorry for the delay. I lost my login in details and several computer crashes later I'm back on board.

I had never heard that about acrylic before and being a devout wool person was shocked! Not long after I wrote you several friends' babies developed eczema and this wool irritation was confirmed.

So thanks for correcting me! Best of luck with your sales :)
(Woman's name omitted)

Well thank GOODNESS for that! What a relief that she cleared that up! Now I can rest assured that I'm not a total NUTTER after all.
Now I can go on with my life.....

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