Saturday, October 31, 2009

"Candy from a baby"...

So - here's the scene - Jonts is attempting to play hangman with me - his rather disinterested Mum. Except playing with Jonts can be more frustrating than it already is with any child - you see he hasn't completely grasped the concept of hangman yet - mostly he doesn't get that when one guesses a letter correctly that you're supposed to fill in every space where that correctly guessed letter "appears". FRUSTRATING! So...we're kinda playing hangman and I can clearly see "pooh" at the end of the phrase - in my mind I think - well SURELY that's Winnie the "pooh" so I guess that. Nope. Well then it must be a Pooh and someone else. I guess "Tigger and Pooh" - nope. I give up. What is it? MY friends Tigger and Pooh! - Jonty exclaims. Arrrggghhhh.

It isn't till a few seconds later that I realise that Jonty (who has not filled out his "mystery" phrase) is still attempting to involve me in the same game. That's RIGHT. The same game wherein he just moments ago spilt the beans! I begin "guessing" letters in quick succession.

Suddenly, Jonty lets out an exasperated "OHHHHH!"
"This game is just TOO easy for you!" he huffs.

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