Friday, October 30, 2009

Mad Hatters....

(above - CLEARLY a "lout")

Earlier this week I was reading an article in the ODT regarding several bars in the Octagon and their owners who have got together with an initiative to (amongst other things) curb "loutish" behaviour in the Octagon at night - particularly in regards to their own premises of course. As a means to this they have accordingly enforced a "dress code" - no one is to be allowed to enter who is "wearing excessively ripped clothing (note revealing and scanty - STILL ok!), steel capped boots/shoes (fairly logical/understandable) OR beanies". ! .
Beanies! Beanies? I read this and immediately thought - how ridiculous! A beanie? REALLY?! What's wrong with a beanie? Since when did beanies become one of the prime indicators of one being a "lout"? Or that one would be the type prone to "loutish" behaviour? Now, let me put it to you - are they not setting themselves up for a rather large fall here? I mean, aside from the ridiculousness of banning people for merely wearing beanies - how is one to identify "beanies" and distinguish from other types of hats? It's leaving it entirely to the discretion of the bouncers really. THEY'RE probably wearing beanies! OR is this easily side-stepped by a clever response such as "Oh this? Oh no - THIS isn't a beanie. Oh no! Why it's a TOQUE*!!"
Bouncer: "Oh why didn't you say so? So sorry! In you go!"

*NOTE: Toque = Canadian term for beanie


Sherry said...

Um, yeah. That is pretty crazy. Espeically when you consider the rather cold climate of Dunedin. What other style of hat are cold people supposed to wear?

I think the bars have made some sort of secret alliance with non-beanie hat makers of New Zealand to increase the purchase of non-beanie-hats. That must be it.

AmiZOOKey said...

I thought for sure the "lout" picture would get some comments :P

And I agree with you Sherry - down with the secret alliance of non-beanie makers!!