Monday, October 5, 2009

Bowling for...Ice cream...?

We had a fam bam dinner at our house on Saturday night. Steak no less - once I had returned the stinky rotten meat of course. I also bought a tub of ice cream - not necessarily particularly for the occasion - we RARELY get ice cream. And I mean RARELY. It's a treat. Also I knew friends who were going to another friends' to view a certain "fight of the century" might want to stop by for one of my coveted Ice Chocolates and so I was just covering myself.
Anyway we all sat down to dinner - Mum had made a pudding and I informed her that I had bought ice cream to supplement it if necessary - cookies and cream - on Jonty's insistence. Anyway we all ate dinner and then it was time for pudding. Out came Mum's delicious chocolate sponge with fruit (peaches and apricots with a chocolate sponge poured over it and baked - yum!), whipped cream and ice cream. The ice cream tub was passed round and we all dished out for ourselves (bar the kids of course) - in fact I began to wonder what was really the point in having one person to dish out pudding for everyone - that is until I spied one of our guests (a friend over for dinner and to catch a ride to the aforementioned fight viewing) helping himself to two scoops of ice cream. Two LARGE scoops of ice cream. In fact LARGE is somewhat of an understatement - these scoops were pretty much exactly the size of the mini bowling balls at the Laser Force place on Frederick St - one scoop = one mini bowling ball, two scoops = two mini bowling balls. It was at this point that I happened to catch Dad also noticing our friend helping himself to the ice cream. Dad's eyes widened - in fact it was more of a whole face affair - and I could just hear his mind thinking aloud "JEEPERS!". I began giggling furiously and had to look down at my own bowl so as not to draw attention to the friend's portion. Michael noticed my fits of giggles and asked what was so funny. I replied, "Grandad's face," but didn't look up as I knew I would lose it.

THIS, I thought to myself, is why there is one person designated to dish out for everyone else. Yup.

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