Saturday, October 3, 2009

She can do MAGIC!!

Earlier this week the Monk-ster and I had the following conversation. His dad had just bought him a brand spanking new "tech deck" (tiny miniature skateboard) a few days earlier and he was all hyped about it and practising doing "tricks" with it....

Monk-ster: Mum! Can you do "tricks" with this...? (He proffered the tech deck in front of him in his hand)
Me: Why YES! (I snatched it from the proffered hand, raised both arms above my head with a ridiculous overdone flourish, then lowered them slipping the tech deck into my back pocket) Ta-dah!! I made it disappear!!
Monk-ster: Not that kind of "trick"! (said with an amused annoyance) Can you do any other "tricks"?"
Me: Yes!! (I quickly slipped the tech deck out of my back pocket) - I'm going to make it "re-appear" on the other side of the room (pointing - I then threw the tech deck - concealed in my hand - across the room feigning ignorance that the Monk-ster could clearly see my "trick"). I'm MAGIC!

Then we had a good laugh.

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