Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fridge Invaders...

Jonty and Joseph are notorious fridge invaders.

I was just sitting thinking - I bet Joe is into the fridge again. I wonder what he's into now? I round the corner only to be presented with following delightful sight -

Glad wrap on the ground. Joe holding almost an entire cucumber, munching on the cut end and saying "mmmmmmm" very enthusiastically, with a look on his face that says "Got any more...?"

I doubt many parents are greeted with this sight.

I doubt many parents "fret" cos their kids keep "pilfering" veges from the fridge.

Yup. My kids are Vege FREAKS.


Epilogue....I cut Joe TWO generous, approximately centimetre thick slices for him. Upon hearing, "NO. That's ENOUGH." he promptly began crying...

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