Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ami Ana's going MINI!!

So I've decided it's time for Ami Ana to go mini - that is to make some of Ami Ana's most popular items in mini or toddler/childrens size - are you excited?!?

Before you get too excited I should preface this by saying that they are I'm afraid all "girls" items - sorry! Girls are just easy and fun to make fashion and fashion accessories for. And I'm a girl. At least, Wombat frequently tells me that I am. Sorry.

Anyway...this leads to the reason why I am posting about this on this blog rather than on Anarashii - which I surmise is just what you're wondering about. I have a confession - I need your help! And I mean "your" as in I need your help my fellow kiwi bloggy friends : D (sorry to those outside of NZ!! - it's just it's costly to post outside of NZ when funds are low - but not to say that this could change). So - what do I need your help with? Sadly this proves to be not particularly helpful when it comes to designing items for female youngins ; ) - this is where you lovely friends come in! I'm seeking your assistance so that I can better gauge size and also to confirm that I'm getting my size "guesses" right - so help me out and that's right - you read right - you get FREE stuff!! One other thing, if you're ok with it, it would be extremely helpful if you could also snap some pix for me with your dear wee girls modelling what every Ami Ana freebie you're lucky enough to receive - I will not post pix without your approval and naturally I will not name names (unless you want me to) but I will post a link to your blog, your site - whatever you prefer. Interested? Leave me a comment and I'll get in touch with you - and make sure you have a contact email currently saved on your profile or I won't be able to contact you! : (

One more thing - I am well aware of how wool can aggravate sensitive skin and am constantly looking at or searching out soft synthetics or other cost effective natural yarns that pill less than others - have you found something that you think is great? Let me know! (unless it's feather yarn...uh, cos then I don't want to know) - with the exception of feather yarn, which I have an anaphylactic aversion to, I'm very keen to hear about other options : )

So without further ado here are a few of the items that I'm keen to make "minis" of - do you have Ami Ana favs you'd love to see mini versions of? What are they? Let me know! :D

Also possibly these....

What do you think?


Angela Noelle of SK said...

Good for you. :) I think the cuffs will be a winner, especially.

Widge said...

ooo i'm loving those hooded scarves and the little bonnet hood thingiee CUTE! I'm more than happy to pimp my girls out for modelling ;);)

Ana said...

Excellent! Thanks Widgey! Your girls are gorgeous :)
I am working on some fingerless mitts at the moment! They are the same lavender colour as the new knit cuffs in the post below - perhaps, I'll do some in another colour. Lime?

The hooded scarf comes to mid-thigh on me - I wonder how long they should be for littlies?

Jasmine said...

I like the hooded scarf too! I reckon maybe waist length??

Ana said...

Thanks Jasmine - sounds good. Next thing to consider is depth of the scarf/hood.

And materials.

One thing's for sure - absolutely NO feather yarn. In fact I feel ill even mentioning it. Blecch.

Belinda Julie said...

Mini leg warmers would be amazing!!!! So would the hat-scarf creation.. and with little ears - even cuter!!