Sunday, June 19, 2011

Angey Pangey's Cornbread and candid picture snapping attempts

Made Ange's Cornbread tonight as an accompaniment to soup. Perrrrrfect. Wombat LOVED it. Gobbled it up and had seconds. With honey even. What follows are some pictures I snapped of him - intended to be candid shots of him in the throes of enjoying the bread - alas. Well - the pictures tell it all really.

I think this is probably most accurately described as the "overkill" smile. Or perhaps the "My Mummy says I have to enjoy this bread so I'm enjoying it dammit!"

He's actually chewing it here - as opposed to pursing his lips for a kiss or speaking French that is.

This is about the most candid shot I got of him ALL night. Yup.

He may be built like a Wombat but he watched me like a Hawk he did. And ears like a bat! - listening for the sound of the camera being turned on!! I thought I had caught him with this one but no! - he was too fast for me and managed to somehow sneak in a smile even as he gobbled.


Angela Noelle of SK said...

So yoghurt worked in place of sour cream just fine? And was it delicious, or what!?

Ana said...

The yoghurt was fine - although I was initially a little worried cos the pre-milk mixture was VERY thick. And it was DEE-LISH-USSSS!! Or at least everyone bar Bear thought so - who was chomping at the bit to try some, gobbled up a piece slathered in spread and honey (except for two corners) and then announced "I HATED it!! It was DISGUSTING!! I ONLY ate it cos of the honey."

Doesn't pull any punches that boy.