Friday, June 3, 2011

Relatively speaking....

Tuesday afternoon Monk was scheduled for a Dental appointment. He was not keen. I had to think up some highly improbable yet reassuring scenario to get him out of the car.
Monk: I don't want to go. The Dentist hurts.
Me: It'll probably be FINE. The Dentist or Dental Nurse will probably say that your teeth are so perfectly and pristinely well kept (silent, inward scoffing) that she only needs to give them a quick polish - if that. So just get out of the car, and let's go. It'll be ok.

Dental Nurse/Technician(?) : So Master M*, it appears that fillings from two of your teeth have fallen out and those teeth have become abscessed. (With a look in my direction) ...So unfortunately it seems like the only way to help those teeth is to have them....*pause* (and then she said the next word very carefully, with some degree of trepidation even) ...EX-TRACT-ED.
(All eyes on Monk to catch his reaction) : Phew!!! I thought I was going to have to have another filling!!!!

The Dental Nurse/Technician and I exchange knowing looks.

*Master M as opposed to Monk to show that the Dental Technician calls him by his actual name - pedantic, I know.


Sherry said...

That Monk, dumb as a rock. ;)

Widge said...

awwwwl!! you've left me'd it go when he realised??

Ana said...

He's okay with it. I think it's more the face being numb for half a day that he's more annoyed with - that and not being able to eat (whilst the face is numb). I told him I'd get him some yoghurt.

Who knows on the day though - maybe I should enlist some bouncer friends???

Ana said...

Update: after having all my fingers almost snapped in half from the pressure of Monk's squeezing (and commenting - I didn't squeeze Chris' hand this hard during childbirth!) I am pleased to report that the teeth were safely, expeditiously and even painlessly (once they pumped him full of "sleepy juice") removed - in fact it was all a bit anti-climactic actually with Monk making the classic comment - "Oh, are they out?!??"