Sunday, May 15, 2011

What crafty people do when they're bored...

....casually knit up a wallet/cover/snuggie (whatever you wanna call it - I prefer wallet - sounds sleaker - or at least as sleak-sounding as a knit accessory can be) for my newly gifted smart phone whilst watching Bones and Fringe...

And sew on a button securely (apparently the way I was taught to sew on buttons is the way professional tailors sew buttons).

Kinda sad really - isn't it?

In fact my only real redeeming factor in all this is a minute instance of lazy indulgence by way of not knitting a button hole - that's right - there are no button holes or at least I didn't need to purposely knit any into the pattern as the twists in cable knits naturally create holes in the knitted fabric.

And then the next morning I was fishing around in my bag and found a cream egg - score! Yes albeit it was wrapped in a hankie (used? unused? who knows...) and the wrapper was missing in parts..... and it was a bit sticky....probably belonged to one of the boys....who may or may not have started eating it (ie. read as "drooled on" - hence the stickiness?) but we're focusing on the positive here - hence - cream egg - wooooo! SCORE!!

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