Saturday, May 7, 2011

The type of Mother I am

I like to think that I am a fairly particular type of Mother. I am a "no-sugar coating" Mother. I tell it like it is.

For instance, one night Monk (the oldest) came to me and in an attempt to delay going to bed he announced, holding his finger aloft, that he could not go to bed because something was wrong with his finger. He then proceeded to elaborate on this a little by repeating several times rather earnestly that something (he wasn't quite sure what) was wrong with his finger. He then, insisting something was wrong with it, proffered it to me asking if I could see just exactly what was wrong with it. I peered at said proffered finger and responded "Yes. It's not in bed."

Of course, might argue that this is a fairly accurate description for the attitude with which I approach life in general - not just mothering.

For instance, when my Dad just last night objected to a current movie premise as it was explained in a review - that of the movie Source Code - that is that a soldier is sent back in time to retrieve info, but there's a catch - he only has 8mins each time he travels to gather intel. On hearing this my Father cried aloud "Oh! That's just UNREALISTIC!!"*
Inwardly I responded, "Uh what? As er, opposed to say.....time travel.....?!?"

We LOVED the movie. Next step up from Minority Report and PayCheque I thought. Can't believe the tv3 reviewer gave it ONLY 3.5 out of 5 stars!!! LUDICROUS.

*Dad thought the concept of someone only having 8mins to gather info was unrealistic. REALLLLLLLY Dad??? You're gonna pick holes in a scifi plot based on what is feasible....??


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