Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BEAR-ly relevant

Bear has had a dead wiggly tooth for some time now - top centre front - one of the "biguns". We have tried various things to get it out - even suggesting he get a paper towel and try to pull it out himself - which he did try a couple of times with fierce determination! It's been pretty stubborn.

Anyway, last night whilst we were out (Fuzz and I that is) at a farewell party for a friend Monk texted Fuzz to let us know that Bear's tooth had finally fallen out - huzzah!!

So this morning I call Bear over and attempted to find out how his tooth had come out in the end, stubborn as it was....
Me: So Bear, how did your tooth fall out last night?
Bear: Mum....Monk was watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix last night! (said as if it was particularly significant)
Meanwhile, I am left puzzling over the relevance of this statement which is apparently part of the same conversation that I initiated when I asked how his tooth fell out - no other further explanation however.
After, uttering an internal Huh to myself I say:
Me: So uh, your tooth was SO frightened from watching this (ie. the movie), that that made it fall out....?!!
snort from Fuzz (also in the room).

I look up.
Bear is gone.

Apparently he felt his response was more than sufficient.

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