Saturday, May 22, 2010


So night before last I just happened to be strolling past my open bedroom door, on my way to the front room, when something caught my bed. My pristinely made bed...was messed up. A lot. Totally messed up all down one side. I stopped. And looked. And felt an angry warmth quickly spread through me as I thought "WHICH one of my delightful children did THIS?!?" And then I stepped nearer to straighten the bedspread and stopped. Annoyance quickly turned to amusement. I had heard something. A faint something, but something to be sure. A wheezy snoring to be exact and on hearing this I looked towards the bottom of the bed where now I could definitely make out a smallish mound. So then I got my camera:

and then there is also this beauty:

Who else thinks the exposed belly coupled with bright red face is a good look....?

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