Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Aarrghhh! Me "Teethies"!?

Last Friday I had a dental appointment at the local Dental school (professional treatment for a fraction of the price - well ok, that fraction is still a fair bit....but). I have been assigned to a new dental student - you see last year I had a root canal (not for the faint hearted) - which in all honesty - probably worse than child birth (I've had THREE! - children that is). Sooooooo painful. So all that's left to be done is a crown on top of the tooth that had the root canal - to protect it and keep it strong. While we discussed this, my assigned student also pointed out that perhaps I might fancy some crowns for a few of my other teeth which had rather large visible fillings (he also explained that while they were in pristine condition now, in the future they may get wear and start to leak). We discussed colour too - gold crowns he said while stronger than porcelin "teeth coloured" crowns, are well, GOLD. I agreed - "I don't want to look like a pirate," I responded.

Highlights of Dental visit:
1. Both the dental student and I concurring on the whole undesirable-ness of looking like a pirate c/o Gold crowns.
2. "Teeth coloured" - I really like how the dental student referred to the porcelin crowns as "teeth coloured" - notice NOT "white". "Teeth coloured" I feel is a more realistic description of teeth colour and surely a more desirable shade than "so white they are BLUE" teeth that we see a lot these days c/o the whole whitening craze - want teeth that don't require a darkened room to glow? No thank you!
3. Both the Dental student and said student's tutor said that I had "beautifully cared for teeth" *BEAM*

I'm such a sucker.

Yes. I look like this EVERY day. I REALLY do.


Pearl said...

Lovely smile. The dental work done at a fraction of the price looks good! And I love your hat! Care to share the pattern? I love crocheting, but I'm still learning... hence me following your blog!

Ana said...

Thanks for the compliment on the hat (and the smile!)- I'm going to have to say a no can do on the hat pattern however - as a general rule I never actually type out any of my patterns! Some of them I do type out for sale, but only a select few. But I will be sharing crochet basics on Anarashii and hats will be in there and all sorts of tips like increasing, decreasing, keeping track of your stitches without a marker etc. I like to be thorough!

The hat pictured is one of my newer hat designs :)