Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I'm snickering away to myself because this morning just as we were leaving to take the boys to school I saw my other neighbour's kid cutting back down our drive to his place - NO - this is NOT what I'm snickering about! I'm getting to it!
Anyway, I realised they must've missed their carpool ride to school and offered him and his sister a ride to school after I dropped my own boys off at their school.
So anyway, after I drop my boys off Jake gives me directions to get to their school - which ends up being hidden away in a tangle of narrow side streets (a somewhat bizarre place for a school I thought!). Then it turns out I can't even drive round the front of the school because that end of the street is one-way - so instead I drive round the back of the school and drop them off.
Then......just as I'm pulling out to go home what should I see...but the green carpool van that the kids usually catch a ride with every morning to school - driving past me and around (I presume) to the front of the school.
So.....the kids miss their ride, I offer them a ride instead - after their ride has left, I drop my own kids off at their school, the weather is squally - constant bucketing rain, strong whistling winds AND I needed directions - and I still beat their usual ride to school...?!

It's just TOO amusing....snickering away....still.

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